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Happy Birthday, Rihanna! Celebrate With These Classic RiRi Memes



We're currently gearing up for the most important holiday of the year: Rihanna's birthday! The superstar is turning 32 on Thursday, Feb. 20, and while we would love to party with wildly successful pop singer and entrepreneur in person — more than anything else on the planet — we sincerely doubt RiRi will be hitting up any old club or bar to commemorate 32 incredible years.

Instead, to celebrate the legendary "Pon de Replay" singer in all her glory, we've compiled a list of the best Rihanna memes for her birthday to help her ring in the big 3-2. 

It's not easy being so perfect.

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TBH, we stan a not-so-humble kween. Rihanna knows she's incredible and we love it.

Her facial expressions seriously say it all

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Rihanna is truly all of us when we are down to accept a compliment... but not a phone number LOL. Sorry gotta go... bye!

Ri hasn't made a new album in almost four years and we're #Salty.

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Sorry for throwing some of this light-hearted shade on your birthday, Rihanna. We're just dying for more incredible bangers. Please and thank you.

When staying in probably would have been more fun.

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Honestly, I'm only going out if I know they'll be bumping Rihanna... aka if "Shut Up & Drive" doesn't play at least once, I'm totally leaving.

She's taught us to let things go... like, immediately.

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This business is no longer open for taking anyone's unwanted B.S., sorry!

Nobody can pull that off (except Rihanna).

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"Oh, she's wearing a loofah on the cat walk? Weird."

*Rihanna slays wearing it.* 

"Wow I could really use one of those."

I wish someone would look at me the way Rihanna looks at fries.

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She could write a pretty sick slow track about that French fry and TBH I'd be perfectly OK with it. 

Rihanna is somehow impervious to bad angles.

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Seriously, how does she do that??? She makes all of us look like potatoes at any literally angle.

She always reminds us to be cool.

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RiRi is giving us that constant, much-needed reminder to be chill, ultimately preventing us from doing something to truly embarrass ourselves. 

She brings the sass to any situation.

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I actually might get this framed.

Rihanna makes everyone feel special.

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Oh, you reached your goal weight? You made honor roll? You got out of bed and went to work today? Cheers from all of us and — of course — Rihanna. You're doing great. 

Sometimes they aren't as cute as you remembered they were.

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LADIES, pay attention! Friendly reminder. Don't. Text. Your. Ex. Tonight. Rihanna disapproves! And seriously, do you want to make her upset during her birthday week? Certainly not.

From creating incredible pop jams, to running a million dollar makeup and fashion line, Rihanna is truly one of the most amazing people out there. She deserves all of the birthday love in the world this Thursday, and even though we're dying to celebrate with a new album, we hope she has the best day yet. Cheers, to 32 unreal years, Rihanna!

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