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Source: Instagram

The Dolan Twins Create Their Own Lipsticks With Rihanna's Fenty Beauty


Look out, because a lipstick collection by major YouTube influencers may be on its way. Well… sort of. The Dolan Twins, aka Grayson and Ethan, made a name for themselves on social media as a pair of good-looking brothers who create weekly videos, which include pranks, their day-to-day lives, and challenges. While fans are used to seeing the 19-year-olds collaborate with other influencers, we were not expecting them to dip their toes into the beauty industry. 

Taking a page out of their friend James Charles’ book, the Dolan Twins were asked to collaborate with Fenty Beauty. You know, Rihanna’s makeup company. Yes, we’re very serious. 

The boys were put to the test in their latest video and were tasked with creating a lipstick collection that would meet executives' standards. Surprisingly, they seemed to have picked up a few makeup tips and tricks from their beauty influencer friends over the years.