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Source: CW

Is Jughead's Death on 'Riverdale' the Real Deal?


Obviously, things are not looking good for Jughead (played by our collective boyfriend Cole Sprouse) on Riverdale. The CW writers really want us to be prepared to say goodbye to one of the main characters, since in the penultimate scene before the break, we see Archie, Veronica and Betty lined up at the police station. Two school kids point to them and declare THEY killed Jughead. Jughead is apparently... dead. Tonight, a new episode of Riverdale is airing, and people are still processing their feelings.

Is Jughead for realsies dead?

I mean, yeah. For now. Who knows, it's Riverdale. There were plenty of signs that were leading up to this moment. Remember the Halloween episode which showed Jughead's body on an autopsy table at the coroner's? Betty Cooper and FP Jones identify him. And he looks very, very not alive. Like, that is a lot of pasty, green makeup on Cole's cute face.