7 Podcasts to Listen to During Your Summer Road Trip Adventures

Since a vast majority of your vacations this summer will probably be road trips, we've compiled the best podcasts to listen to during long car rides.

Lizzy Rosenberg - Author

Jun. 4 2020, Updated 1:05 p.m. ET

7 Podcasts to Listen to During Your Summer Road Trip Adventures
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Although many of your summer travel plans have most likely been postponed due to the novel coronavirus, there are still several safe trips you can take, with access to a car and a valid driver's license. 

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That being said, we've compiled a diverse list of road trip podcasts to listen to during long drives this summer. They're basically guaranteed to keep you entertained for the entire time.

NPR'S 'Code Switch'

Because now is a more important time than ever to get educated on anti-racism, NPR's Code Switch is an excellent, totally relevant podcast that fearlessly dives into sometimes "uncomfortable" conversations about race. The show, which is hosted by journalists of color, explores how race largely influences politics, pop culture, history, and sports, including absolutely everyone in this much-needed conversation. 

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The Ringer's 'The Dave Chang Show'

Momofuku restaurants' Dave Chang is a man of many interests. His podcast, The Dave Chang Show, delves into a variety of topics, from sports, to art, music, movies, and obviously food. 

Each episode invites a different guest to the mic, who share their expertise, opinions, and ideas with Dave and his audiences. And with two episodes per week, you'll have a ton of content to tear through.

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Nicole Byer's 'Why Won't You Date Me?'

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Why Won't You Date Me? is a podcast hosted by the hilarious Nicole Byer, documenting her never-ending quest to discover why she's always single. In each episode, the hilarious comedian invites a different friend, a fellow comedian, or sometimes even an ex to discuss their love lives, and to dole out advice on hers. 

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Crissle West and Kid Fury's 'The Read'

Every pop culture enthusiast out there should tune in to The Read, a podcast hosted by two Black, queer comedians, Crissle West and Kid Fury. Together, Crissle and Kid Fury dole out cultural commentary, while interviewing various Hollywood staples, and also airing their grievances about their ever-tumultuous lives.

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Gimlet Media's 'Conviction'

Gimlet Media's Conviction is a must-listen for every crime junkie, as it delves into cases that accused innocent people of crimes they didn't commit. Season 1 explores the cases young Latino men in New York City, who were put behind bars by the same officer who simply wanted them off the streets, and Season 2 explores the case of a young man's father, who was wrongly accused of leading a satanic cult. 

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Jarika's 'Blackpacking'

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Blackpacking is the perfect podcast for a road trip — the host, Jarika, is an avid Black traveler who interviews others who have bitten by the travel bug, such as bloggers, photographers, and tour guides. The show, which comes out twice a month, discusses how race and culture has influenced Black travelers' experiences, encouraging listeners to step out of their comfort zones.

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ABC News' 'Cut Throat Inc.'

ABC News' Cut Throat Inc. is a true crime podcast that explores the story of two young men in California, who find success through greed and lies. Then, one business partner goes missing, and its up to investigators to find out what really happened.

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There are so many incredible podcasts out there, and they're guaranteed to pass the time on long drives this summer. Trust us — they're way more entertaining than five hours of The License Plate Game.

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