The Poker Community Is in Shambles Amid the Robbi Jade Lew Cheating Scandal — What's Her Net Worth?

Allison DeGrushe - Author

Oct. 3 2022, Published 4:12 p.m. ET

As Dr. Doofenshmirtz once said, "If we had a nickel for every time a live game became embroiled in a cheating scandal, we'd have two nickels, which isn't a lot, but it's weird it happened twice, right?" OK, he didn't actually say that, but can you believe the chess and poker communities are both grappling with cheating controversies? Talk about a coincidence!

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But today, we're going to focus solely on the poker cheating allegations. However, we're starting off by disclosing the net worth of the accused, Robbi Jade Lew. Here's everything we know about the professional poker champ.

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What is Robbi Jade Lew's net worth?

According to Exact Net Worth, poker newbie Robbi Jade Lew's net worth currently stands at an estimated $1 million. She previously held a senior-level position at Bayer, a pharmaceutical company, but ultimately decided to switch careers.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, she began to take the game of poker more seriously. Per the outlet, Robbi has reportedly accumulated over $100,000 in winnings in her two appearances at Hustler Casino poker events.

Robbi Jade Lew

Professional poker player

Net worth: $1 million

Robbi Jade Lew is an American professional poker player. She made headlines in late September 2022 after fellow poker player Garrett Adelstein accused her of cheating during their table match at Hustler Casino in California.

Birthdate: Dec. 14, 1987

Birthplace: Los Angeles

Marriages: Charles Lew (m. unknown)

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So, did Robbi cheat?

During the Sept. 29 stream of Hustler Casino Live — "a live stream that brings together some of the country's best poker players for no-limit Texas hold 'em games," according to Insider — professional poker player Garrett Adelstein outright accused Robbi Jade Lew of cheating during their super high-stakes game.

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At one point, Robbi outplayed Garrett in a $269,000 hand. Her win provoked disbelief from those at the table, including the Arizona native. Garrett eventually got up and left the table, and Robbi followed to speak with him and an HCL producer.

Another player called RIP joined the conversation. He could be heard yelling at Garrett. Once he returned to the table, RIP informed everyone that Garrett accused Robbi of cheating demanded that she hand over the money he lost, and she did.

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Although there's no evidence that she cheated, Garrett shared a lengthy message on Twitter and alleged Robbi used a vibrating device to win the hand. He added, "Her lack of more in-depth poker knowledge made it so she didn't understand that calling there would always be a dead giveaway she was cheating."

Garrett also noted that he never asked for the money back. Robbi offered, and he accepted.

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As for Robbi, she told Garrett to "get over it" and called for him to return the money she had won from him. Just a few hours later, Robbi tweeted that the Survivor: Cagayan contestant blocked her on social media.

"What an honest man," she continued. "He cornered me and threatened me. If he has the audacity to give me the death stare ON camera, picture what it’s like OFF camera. I was pulled out of the game and forced to speak to him in a dark hallway."

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The part-time Instagram model soon invited Garrett to a head-ups game, writing, "I've got an idea. After I'm vindicated, let's go heads-up. The whole world can watch me read you all day."

Hustler Casino Live has responded to the situation and offered its own statement saying that they are hiring experts to conduct a "thorough and independent investigation of the hand involving Garrett and Robbi."

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"While we have always had confidence in the security of our technology and the integrity of our staff, we take the allegations very seriously and understand anything is possible," the HCL added. "Once the investigation is finished, we will release the findings publicly — no matter what they reveal."

The HCL concluded by reinforcing that they found "no evidence of wrongdoing by anyone at this point."

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