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The 'Roblox' Easter Egg Hunt 2020 Is Going to Be a Hopping Good Time



The Roblox Easter Egg Hunt: Agents of E.G.G. launches on Tuesday, April 7, and members of the gaming community could not be more psyched. 

This year's extravaganza will take place across 54 games, including A Wolf or Other, Monsters of Etheria, and Time Traveling Adventures. As to the handsome rewards? Expect Easter eggs scattered across various games. Here's how you can make the most of the Roblox Easter Egg Hunt 2020.  

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Here's what you should know about the 'Roblox' Easter Egg Hunt 2020:

Frequently hailed as one of the most important events in the gaming community, the annual Roblox Easter Egg Hunt has undergone some significant changes since its launch in 2007. 

This year's extravaganza is the biggest and most impressive so far. The event will take place across some of the most popular games available on the platform, including Quill Lake, Tiny Tanks, and a wealth of other recently introduced titles.

Source: Roblox
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Use these tips to score the most Easter eggs possible on 'Roblox':

A handful of kind-hearted users have already published guidelines with plenty of tips and tricks on how to score a few Easter eggs. Even if you've never played a game before, there's a chance that you might be able to bag the sweet, sweet rewards and give a significant boost to your score. 

Gamer Journalist published a thoroughly detailed list outlining the most important hacks users should know before plunging themselves into a heated Easter egg hunt session. The outlet covers just about every game featuring in the extraordinary event, including the Texting Simulator, the Super Striker League, and many others. 

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Source: Roblox

Take, for instance, the iEgg 12 Max Pro Egg hidden in Texting Simulator. To secure this one, players have to hop on over to the mysterious man leaning against a pitch-black van, and religiously adhere to the instructions he sets out. If the mission turns out to be successful, users will be able to bag the egg without any further ado. 

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Super Striker League poses a great deal more difficulties. Those inclined to get their hands on the Supercharged Striker Egg will have to master the game first — which includes kicking the ball into the forcefield repeatedly until the treasured item magically appears on the screen. 

Source: Roblox
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The Robloxian High School isn't for beginners either. To win the Despacitegg, users have to locate the five spiders hidden in the Supermarket, the School, the Wardrobe, the Pet Store, and Central Park. Only upon the successful completion of this challenge will they be able to secure the Easter Egg. 

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According to a prominent theory circulating on Twitter, users can get their hands on the Chocolate Bunny Egg by joining the Egg Simulator, carefully observing the territory, and bumping into every egg in sight. Once they've completed this task, they will be able to take the Chocolate Bunny Egg. 

Ready to give it a try? You can join the Roblox Easter Egg Hunt 2020 anytime between April 7 and April 28. 

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