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Source: twitter

Annoying Kid on Subway Won't Move His Legs so This Guy Just Sat on Him


An inconsiderate kid laying down on a subway seat who was way too immersed in whatever was going on with his cell phone got a rude awakening from a passenger who wasn't having it.

Ask any commuter who's used to the daily grind of getting on and off of trains and buses, and they will have more than their fair share of stories about rude passengers who clearly don't care about anyone other than themselves.

Whether it's that person who refuses to give up their seats, or put their bags on chairs beside them and makes no effort to move them when they see you walking around looking for a seat — or even that nerd who doesn't silence their cell phone notifications, despite the fact they're staring at the thing and are clearly in an active text conversation for the whole ride.

The utter lack of spatial awareness, or that they're OK with hogging up an entire seat or aisle to themselves, is downright unpleasant.

Often, it's not worth it to start a fight with someone who clearly doesn't care about whether or not they're inconveniencing people or forcing them to stand because they won't move their backpack or purse or iced coffee off the seat next to them.

But there's a person who's even worse than that: the "lay downer," like this kid in the image below.