"Most American Thing Ever" — Russian Grad Shocked by Praise She Got in Her Cap and Gown

Allison DeGrushe - Author

May 26 2023, Published 12:45 p.m. ET

College graduation is a big deal for everyone. After years of hard work and almost no free time, there's nothing more special for a student than walking across a stage in front of their loved ones to receive their diploma.

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This is exactly how TikTok user @realrussianclub, who recently graduated from a university in the United States. The Russian graduate couldn't wipe the smile off her face as she shared her shock over how Americans she passed on the street praised and congratulated her — just for wearing a cap and gown. Read on for more deets!

Three female college graduates throwing their caps in the air.
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Russian grad shocked and overjoyed by Americans congratulating her.

On May 12, 2023, the TikToker shared a heartwarming clip with the caption, "American strangers made my day today," before gushing over everyone she encountered after her graduation ceremony.

"I can't put into words how amazing Americans are," she said, explaining how while walking home from the ceremony, everyone she passed by offered a "Congratulations" or a "Woohoo! You rock!" The simple gestures seemingly touched the new college grad, who was beaming and practically on the verge of tears.

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"It's just so priceless," she added. "Before coming to the United States, I always heard how Americans are so fake and all the smiles are fake. But I don't know, it's so real to me; it's just so unbelievable." The new graduate also took to the comments section and revealed that people were hanging out of car windows to wave, smile, and honk at her.

"Kids were yelling, 'Congratulations!'" she wrote alongside a teary-eyed emoji.

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The video instantly racked up thousands of comments, with fellow TikTokers sharing their thoughts on the touching situation. One user commented, "It's real to them too! We love to celebrate people even if we don't have a personal investment in them. Also, CONGRATS!"

TikToker @halcyon986 commented: "Graduating university is a huge accomplishment. Why wouldn’t people be excited for you?"
Source: TikTok / @halcyon986
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"We're not perfect, but we love achievers, and we love to show our love to others. Congratulations," another wrote. A third TikToker replied, "You got a true taste of American enthusiasm! We were congratulating everyone at my son's graduation all day! A huge accomplishment!"

A fourth explained that although most of their smiles are small and awkward, they would offer the OP a genuine grin if they saw her walking around in her cap and gown. Honestly, we would too!

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TikToker @caliexpat commented: "As a Canadian living in the states I love the amount of attention and praise they give their graduates. Way better than in Canada."
Source: TikToker / @caliexpat

Others took the time to share similar experiences: "My best friend from Italy said she never got a compliment till she came to America, and she can't believe how nice Americans are," a TikToker penned.

"When my adopted daughter goes back to her country to visit, people look at her crazy bc she forgets & chats happily w/ them like in the U.S. It's real," a second user noted. Another revealed that their cousins from other countries think they're because they'll "talk to any stranger," adding, "It's normal in America to talk to strangers."

Well, we couldn't be happier to hear that OP had a wonderful graduation day!

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