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Ryan Reynolds Outdoes Himself With Unflattering Pics of Blake Lively on Her Birthday


Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are adorable, beautiful, #couplegoals, and all that. But they're also hilarious and constantly troll each other on social media, which sets them apart from other gorgeous Hollywood pairs. Whether Blake is roasting Ryan's baking skills or Ryan is cropping Blake out of photos to honor her on her birthday, they're always having fun at the expense of each other, and it's the best. 

For Blake's birthday this year, Blake probably wishes her husband cropped her out of these unflattering, hilarious photos. But alas, he did not.

Source: Instagram

"Now, this is a cute picture of the two of them," you probably think when you see number one in the carousel. His caption on Instagram is very simply, "Happy birthday, @blakelively." "Is Ryan Reynolds getting soft?" you think. "Has he stopped roasting his wife on her birthday? Maybe this will be a genuinely lovely post." But then you keep scrolling.