Where Is the Infamous Sam Lutfi Today?

Where is Sam Lutfi today? He has been connected to several celebrity spirals, and 'Framing Britney Spears' has renewed a curiosity about what he's up to now.


Feb. 9 2021, Published 9:18 p.m. ET

Sam Lutfi, Britney Spears, and friend
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After watching The New York Times Presents: Framing Britney Spears, many fans are learning about the unfair treatment Britney has dealt with over the years leading up to and following the granting of her conservatorship to her father, Jamie, in 2008, which continues to this day. The documentary also takes a closer look at the many players who contributed to Britney’s fall from public grace, including her ex, Justin Timberlake, who arguably launched an entire career off of Britney’s demise. 

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But while Justin has managed to remain in the spotlight all these years, Sam Lufti, the man who was at Britney’s side until the conservatorship went into effect, seems to have disappeared after being connected to a number of celebrity downfalls. 

So, what happened to him, and where is Sam Lufti now? Keep scrolling to find out.

Britney Spears and Sam Lutfi
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Who is Sam Lufti?

Sam Lufti is a Los Angeles native who grew up in the Woodland Hills area, and that’s about all that’s known for sure about him. 

Even his personal history is sketchy, as Sam claims to have attended USC, but the university does not list him as an alum.

Britney’s downfall isn't the only celebrity spiral that Sam has been connected to. 

In 2014, Sam was linked to Amanda Bynes' infamous breakdown and subsequent psychiatric hold, during which time Sam played it off like he was Amanda’s friend when he convinced her to fly out to LA, but he was actually working with her parents who later sought out a conservatorship.

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In 2019, Sam also had another five-year restraining order taken out against him by Courtney Love, who accused her former manager of verbal harassment, as well as threats over the phone and through social media posts. 

Anyone else beginning to see a pattern?

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It’s unclear how Sam became involved in Britney’s life to begin with. Some reports suggest they first connected in a nightclub, and others imply that they met after her infamous head-shaving incident. 

According to Lynne Spears, the two met in October 2007, after which point Sam became unusually attached to the singer and her life. 

In the restraining order issued against him in 2008, Lynne says that Sam “essentially moved into Britney’s home and has purported to take control of her life, home, and finances.”

In public, Sam sometimes claimed to be Britney’s manager, and other times, just her friend. But in their case to obtain the restraining order, the Spears family described an increasingly controlling Sam who started to decide what medications Britney was taking, what paparazzi were allowed to photograph her, who she spoke to, and who was able to visit her.

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In 2009, the family was granted a restraining order against Sam. Although he tried to fight the order in court, saying that he was only responding to Britney’s cries for help, the family refuted the claim, and Sam was ordered to stay away from the singer for the next three years.

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Where is Sam Lufti now?

In 2019, Sam was handed yet another five-year restraining order that prevents him from having any contact with Britney or her family. It also prohibits him from making any negative comments about Britney or her family online, after Jamie Spears alleged that Sam had been inciting fans to use the #FreeBritney hashtag to imply that Britney was being controlled against her will.

Since Framing Britney aired on Feb. 5, 2021, Sam tweeted, “I've been saying this for 13 years ... I've always been one hundred percent truthful and soon you'll all see that for yourselves,” which appears to be in response to the documentary.

The next day, Sam posted a meme that said, “You can be a kind person with a good heart and still tell people to f--k off when needed,” which also seems to be in response to the information set forth in the documentary. 

However, as of today, he’s still under a restraining order and definitely hasn’t had any contact with Britney recently. 

Thank goodness for that!

The New York Times Presents: Framing Britney Spears is now streaming on Hulu.

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