‘Big Brother’ Houseguests Are Questioning if Sarah Beth Actually Has a Girlfriend

Season 23 'Big Brother' contestant Sarah Beth says she has a girlfriend back home named Shelly. So, why do her houseguests not believe her?

Katie Garrity - Author

Aug. 11 2021, Published 1:16 p.m. ET

Sarah Beth on Big Brother
Source: CBS

There is never a shortage of drama in the Big Brother house. With so many twists and unexpected game moves, fans are used to some conflict. It wouldn’t be a great season of Big Brother without it. The players within the house are basically expected to scheme, lie, and manipulate in order to be the last one standing in the house, avoiding eviction and grabbing the grand prize.

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However, there are times when things going on inside the Big Brother house trickle into the real world. The houseguests’ personal lives come into play when they may be acting a certain way on the show. This is the case for Season 23 contestant Sarah Beth Steagall, who is having her personal life come into question by some fellow houseguests. Does Sarah Beth actually have a girlfriend back home? Here’s what we know.

Sarah Beth Steagall
Source: CBS
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Sarah Beth has been stirring up some drama during Week 5 of Season 23.

Sarah Beth was laying low in the Big Brother house. That is, until she was nominated for eviction by Week 5 Head of Household Derek X. Derek admitted in his diary room sessions that Sarah Beth was a pawn and his main target was “comp beast,” Christian Birkenberger. However, in the case that Christian did win the Power of Veto and take himself off the chopping block, Sarah Beth would then become the main target — mainly for her vocal views about wanting Hannah gone from the game. Hannah just so happens to be Derek X’s main ally.

Sarah Beth Big Brother 23
Source: CBS
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During the Power of Veto competition, Sarah Beth got under the skin of her fellow players when she chose the $5,000 cash prize instead of working to get the actual Power of Veto. Sarah Beth later claimed she took the money because she didn’t want to deal with a punishment during her birthday week.

With focus on Sarah Beth, her housemates began to question her other motives.

With much of the house talking about Sarah Beth’s performance in the Veto competition, other parts of Sarah Beth’s life began to come into question — including her personal life. Sarah Beth has gotten very close to houseguest Kyland Young, and the other people in the house have noticed. So much so that houseguests wonder if she actually has a girlfriend as she claims, or if it is all part of her strategy.

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Sarah Beth and Kyland Young on Big Brother 23
Source: CBS

Tiffany and Claire mentioned that she noticed how Sarah Beth began the season speaking about her relationship with her girlfriend back home, but then commented about being single as well as frequently cuddling and hugging Kyland. Fans say that Shelly is, in fact, real, but other houseguests are questioning it.

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“She said she had a girlfriend so no one would look at her and the guys. I bet she is bi, but I do feel like she said that so she could get a tight guy and no one would think there is something there,” Claire speculated (per @BB_Updates).

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Former Jokers team member Tiffany called Sarah Beth and Kyland the “strongest duo” in the house. Tiffany then began to question Sarah Beth's sexuality. Sarah Beth then took to Kyland, as she cried on his shoulder, and said she’s just lonely in the house. She also noted that her girlfriend wouldn’t mind how affectionate she is with Kyland.

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'Big Brother' fans have many thoughts on Sarah Beth.

When it comes to the drama surrounding Sarah Beth, Big Brother fans have not held back on their feelings. While some see nothing wrong with Sarah Beth's strategies, others worry that her constant affection with Kyland is not a good look.

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One fan noted how ridiculous Tiffany and other doubting houseguests are going to look once they realized that Shelly, Sarah Beth's girlfriend, is actually real. "Kinda want Big Brother to play loved ones' videos for the houseguests and have Shelly come on screen for Sarah Beth, like imagine how stupid they would feel for thinking she’s fake," one fan tweeted.

Another fan noted that her constant affection with Kyland could be killing her gameplay. "Sarah Beth, you keep isolating yourself and cuddling up with Kyland, you’re gonna cuddle yourself right out the door," they wrote.

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