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This "Satisfying" Video Has People Up in Arms for Its Abrupt Ending



Satisfying videos are becoming more and more popular online. Whether it's people playing with slime, or cutting bath bombs to pieces. There's just something about watching things be diced apart in a symmetrical fashion that seems to get most people going. 

Polina Bright, a visual artist from Sydney, Australia, took to Twitter to share one of her latest "satisfying" videos, and it has the social media platform up in arms. In a caption alongside the video, Bright wrties: "Are [you] patient enough to watch till the end?"

So why don't you sit down with a drink and watch this satisfying epic? 

Oh no. That ending. Unsurprisingly, Twitter is just as triggered as you are by that abrupt ending. 

"You betrayed us," one user wrote.

Others were more annoyed by moments in the video rather than the video's ending. 

One hero just went ahead and finished the drawing for us, because that's what we deserve. 

While another added: "At first it wasn't about patience, but more about curiosity of what the next colour will be, but then at the end, you did that..."

"Here's the perfect image for you," one user wrote. "I don't know if I have more patience or TOC."

"This is why I have trust issues," another commenter added.

Some users even found the betrayal satisfying. "Am I the only one who find it satisfying," one user asked. "It's about how straight the last line was." Another replied: "Once I got over the horror and betrayal, yes that was a beautifully clean line."

One user asked: "Why? Why would you do that? I watched all the way. That literally just ruined my night, maybe week." 

And some users took issue with the lines not being perfectly straight. 

Why would she do this to us? 

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