"OMG, He's Coming Out" — Texas Woman Finds Scorpion in Her Bathtub Drain

The last thing anyone would expect while taking a bath is finding a scorpion in their drain, but her we are. Here are the scary details.

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Sep. 7 2023, Published 4:27 p.m. ET

There are quite a few things that put the fear of God in most of us — from snakes to public speaking. While fears vary depending on the person you’re talking to, most folks would agree that they are not quite fond of insects and arachnids. After all, those little critters can cause a variety of allergic reactions and can simply freak people out.

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With that in mind, the last place anyone wants to see small critters is in their home, their place of peace. However, it’s become common to hear about ant and roach infestations. So, when one Texas woman on TikTok shared that she saw a scorpion in her bathtub drain, all hell broke loose.

A Texas woman finds a scorpion in her bathtub drain.

Say it ain’t so. In an Aug. 22, 2023 Tiktok video, creator texasgrl_4everofficial (@texasgrl_4everofficial) a woman gets the fright of a lifetime as she takes a bath in her Texas home.

“When you’re trying to relax in a hot bath and this happens,” the video caption reads.

As the video starts, you see the woman’s legs in the bathtub.

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The woman can be seen seemingly enjoying her bath and wiggling her toes in the water. As she taps her feet on the gold drain, however, she notices movement and turns off the water. She then sees brown legs peeking out of the drain.

“That is a freaking scorpion,” the woman said. “So big that it can’t fit through.”

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As the woman taps on the drain again, the scorpion retreats to safety.

“Texas living at its finest,” the woman said. “They’re trying to come in everywhere to get water because it’s so dry.

The woman continues to bang on the gold drain to no avail. After a while, the scorpion can be seen trying to come out of the drain.

“OMG, OMG, I dunked my head and now he's got his head stuck,” the woman says as the critter hangs halfway from the drain. “OMG it’s a scorpion and he’s trying to come out.”

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As the video continues, the woman makes frightened noises and the scorpion begins to try and get out of the drain. After he’s nearly out, the woman screams, “OMG, are you freaking kidding me right now?”

The woman then splashes the critter with water and the animal falls into the tub, making woman scream even louder.

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TikTok users are confused about why the woman is still in the tub.

Let’s be honest: The minute we see an unwanted critter invade our space, we haul our behinds away from them with quickness. So, when TikTok users see the woman remain in the tub with the scorpion present, they are a tad bit confused.

“Why are you still sitting in the tub,” one person asked.

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“Nope! I wasn't even in the water and I about jumped out of my bed. Why did you wait so long to get out,” another user asked.

“I would have jumped out of the bath the minute I saw something move! What?” another user said.

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Of course, some people made jokes at the woman’s expense about the scorpion.

“He’s coming to talk to you about your car's extended warranty,” one person jokes.

“He said ‘Let me tell you something,’" another person joked.

Truthfully, we would have personally left the scorpion in the tub and the bathroom. As far as we’re concerned, it’s his house now. After all, scorpion stings are painful and nobody has the time to get stung trying to remove them from a home.

SMH. Somebody call Terminix.

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