We Are Forever Thankful for These 'Scrubs' Episodes

While there was only one actual 'Scrubs' Thanksgiving episode, here are all of the 'Scrubs' episodes we are eternally grateful for. Keep reading.

Lizzy Rosenberg - Author

Apr. 20 2020, Updated 3:57 p.m. ET

It's been almost a full decade since Scrubs ended, and to be honest, I'm still not over the series finale. But with Thanksgiving coming up, I can't help but feel grateful that Scrubs exists, between all the laughs, tears, and heartfelt moments.

While I'm seriously counting my blessings for the existence of each and every episode, here are the top nine Scrubs episodes that I'm forever thankful for.

You'll be feeling thankful for Scrubs after watching these episodes:

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1. 'My Day Off' (Season 1)

J.D. (played by Zach Braff) finally gets a day off work for Thanksgiving, but unfortunately, he gets stuck at the hospital with appendicitis. He gets in an argument with Turk (played by Donald Faison) when he doesn't take Turk seriously, and Elliot, (played by Sarah Chalke), discovers her patients dislike her bedside manner. 

It's the only actual Thanksgiving episode in the series, and it provides each new Sacred Heart resident with major character growth.

2. 'My T.C.W.' (Season 2)

While Dr. Cox is jealous of the baby, Elliot is totally over Paul (played by Richard Bartlett Schroder), Turk and Carla (played by Judy Reyes) are fighting more than ever after getting engaged, and J.D. starts catching feelings for TCW (or Tasty Coma Wife, played by Amy Smart). 

The episode adds a great sense of realness to Season 2 overall, touching upon common relationship issues viewers may inevitably have to face.

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3. 'My Screw-Up' (Season 3)

This is — undoubtedly — the most devastating episode in all of Scrubs history, so I suggest grabbing that box of tissues. Ben Cox (played by Brendan Fraser) returns after a long excursion, and realizes he hasn't checked up on his leukemia diagnosis. Dr. Cox compartmentalizes the fact that he's dying and doesn't realize he's doing so, until J.D. calls him out. 

It'll definitely have you squeezing your siblings a little tighter this Thanksgiving.

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4. 'My Roommates' (Season 4)

When Turk and Carla ask J.D. to move out to take the next step in their relationship, J.D. moves in with his then-girlfriend. But shortly after J.D. leaves, Turk and Carla start to miss him. Dr. Cox's son, Ben, also gets diagnosed with Autism.

This episode makes you think about the value of friends, and the special place they hold in your heart.

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5. 'My Way Home' (Season 5)

Turk is in the middle of seeking out organ donations for a patient while Carla grapples with the responsibility of being a parent. 

Carla's plot-line is incredibly touching, as she fathoms the responsibility of becoming a mom. 

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6. 'My House' (Season 6)

While Dr. Cox faces a number of medical conditions he can't seem to diagnose, Carla begins to feel signs of postpartum depression. Meanwhile, J.D. tries way too hard to keep Kim (played by Elizabeth Banks) from leaving town. 

Once again, each of them is facing very real, painful situations.

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7. 'My Bad Too' (Season 7)

Carla worries about her daughter's future, while Dr. Cox is dealing with a patient who keeps coming in and out, due to an inability to control his diet. Turk also learns Spanish for Carla, but keeps it a secret.

Despite the issues Sacred Heart may have, there's no denying that, at the end of the day, they're a close, tightly knit family.

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8. 'My Comedy Show' (Season 8)

J.D. and Turk get the interns to participate in a comedy show, but it leaves them feeling uneasy about their friendship. Two interns also coerce Elliot into talking a patient's mom into letting the patient live her life.

Things are definitely changing at Sacred Heart, but no matter what, the core group will always remain close.

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9. 'Our Thanks' (Season 9)

While nobody is thankful the series ended, the series finale was one for the books — Lucy writes a sad speech about her cadaver, while Denise and Drew practice living together when their rooms are unexpectedly combined into one. Cole decides he wants to be a surgeon, despite Turk's advice.

There's a lot to be thankful for on Thanksgiving, and obviously, that includes Scrubs. Happy Thanksgiving, from the Sacred Heart crew!

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