Here’s How to Unlock Every Secret Character in 'Vampire Survivors'

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Apr. 3 2023, Published 4:47 p.m. ET

Vampire Survivors Artwork
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Don’t let its simple controls and retro graphics fool you – Vampire Survivors is a surprisingly complex game. Beyond all the mysteries hidden across its maps and numerous weapons to master, Vampire Survivors gives you tons of secret characters to unlock.

Interested in playing them all? Here’s everything you need to know about how to unlock secret characters in Vampire Survivors.

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How to unlock the secret characters in 'Vampire Survivors.'

When you first launch Vampire Survivors, only a handful of characters are up for grabs. But as you slowly work your way through the game, others will become available. It’s not immediately clear how to unlock these secret characters, and you’ll often need to go out of your way to complete their prerequisites.

If you’d rather not deal with the game’s inscrutable demands, here’s a look at how to unlock all secret characters in Vampire Survivors.

Vampire Survivors Character
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Secret CharacterHow to Unlock
ExdashType “x-x1viiq” while on the main menu.
ToastieAfter unlocking Exdash, kill a Stalker or Drowner. Then, press the down and enter keys after Toastie appears near the bottom right corner of your screen.
SmithType “spam” on the main menu. Then, click start and type “spam” while on the Character Select menu. Next, choose your character then type “spam” again while on the Stage Select menu. Wrap up the process by picking your starting Arcana and typing “humbug” to unlock Smith.
RandomLook under previously owned coffins.
MarrabbioEliminate the shadow in the Mad Forest stage. The shadow appears after finding the Skull and Pummarola items and eating chicken collected from breaking objects. Pies will eventually appear instead of chicken - at which point a shadow will spawn after eating enough pie.
AvatarUnlock the Greatest Jubilee weapon, head to the Inverted Library, and get the Ebony Wings and Peachone weapons but don't upgrade them. Then, locate the enemy playing the piano, who you'll have to defeat. Finally, interact with the piano and play the keys indicated by the nearby birds. Interact with every coffin and the Avatar Infernas boss will appear. Defeat them to unlock the Avatar character.
'Vampire Survivors'
Source: Poncle
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Minnah On the Dairy Plant map, defeat Werewolves.
LedaDefeat Leda on Gallo Tower.
Cosmo Select the Cappella Magna map with a character with no eggs. Head towards the Tiragisu item and find the tree on a balcony. Interact with it to open the gate and find the Cosmo character.
Peppino Heal plants at Il Molise using Celestial Dusting. Heal 100,000 points to unlock Peppino.
Trouser Upgrade all 16 items in Moongolow.

missingN Unlock the Yellow Sign, then head to Green Acres with Hurry and Hyper game modes enabled. Move as far southwest as possible, then defeat 128 winged giant eyes.
Gains On the Boon Zone map, locate the green circle to the north. Stand in the circle long enough to hear a chime play, indicating Gains has been unlocked.
Gyorunton Play Boss Rash and survive for at least 15 minutes with just one weapon.
Mask of the Red Death Kill Death.
Scorej-Oni Move all the way to the right of the Tiny Bridge map and defeat the boss.
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