'Doors (Super Hard Mode)' in 'Roblox' Arrived on April Fools' Day – Here’s How to Beat It

Jon Bitner - Author

Apr. 3 2023, Published 3:16 p.m. ET

Doors in Roblox
Source: Roblox

If you’re looking for a challenging new game to play, consider checking out Doors (Super Hard Mode) in Roblox. This quirky game was added on April Fools' Day – but it’s far from a joke. With horrifying new challenges and deadly new enemies, Doors (Super Hard Mode) will put your gaming skills to the test.

Here’s a closer look at Doors (Super Hard Mode) in Roblox, along with a few tips to help you overcome all its obstacles.

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What is 'Doors Super Hard Mode' in 'Roblox'?

Doors (Super Hard Mode) is a new Roblox game mode that is reminiscent of the original Doors game, although it’s much more difficult to complete. A handful of new items have been added, new Entities are trying to prevent your victory, and there’s even an inanimate object that’ll send you to the “Game Over” screen if you so much as touch it.

Dark Room in Doors (Super Hard Mode)
Source: Roblox
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The Doors (Super Hard Mode) game can be readily found on the Roblox website, although it’ll only stick around for a few more days. So if you’re interested in checking it out, be sure to swing by the store and jump in while you can.

How to beat 'Doors Super Hard Mode'.

The goal of Doors (Super Hard Mode) is simple. You’ll try to make it through all the doors in the game, avoiding obstacles, solving puzzles, and doing your best to evade the various enemies scattered throughout the rooms. It’s pretty terrifying for a Roblox game, and the new additions of Super Hard Mode only make it more challenging.

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However, there are a few new items at your disposal to help even the odds. For one, you can now find the NVCS-3000 X-Ray Gun, which helps to highlight hidden objects or illuminate dark corners of each room. You’ll also find the Holy Hand Grenade (which damages nearby Entities) and Shield Potions that grant you additional HP along with a minor movement speed enhancement.

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You’ll need to make liberal use of all these new items, as you’ll be up against several new Entities. Here’s a look at what's now lurking behind each door.

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Evil KeyLocated in the Reception Area on a nearby shelf, touching this key will immediately end your game. Instead, look for the true key – which is hiding by the fireplace.
Greed If you start looting items at a rapid pace, you might see Greed appear and start dealing damage. To avoid its appearance, loot your surroundings slowly.
Subspace Tripmine Hidden behind some doors, the Subspace Tripmine will empty your HP bar when activated.
Banana Peels Much like Mario Kart, these Banana Peels are a easy to avoid but no less a nuisance. Slip on one, and you’ll see part of your HP bar disappear.
Seek This terrifying Entity will randomly spawn after you’ve explored around two dozen rooms. If it makes contact with you, it’ll instantly reduce your HP to zero – so move fast when you see it.
Jeff the Killer This horrifying creature will track you down periodically and deal significant damage if he catches up to you. Do your best to stay away from this Entity, or try using a Holy Hand Grenade to eliminate them.

As long as you're making use of your new gadgets and paying close attention to your surroundings, you should be able to make it through Doors (Super Hard Mode) unscathed. Be sure to check it out soon, as this April Fools' Day game mode will eventually disappear.

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