"I'm Not Shut off From God," Says 'Seeking Sister Wife' Star Ashley Snowden

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Apr. 5 2021, Published 12:53 p.m. ET

Dimitri and Ashley Snowden
Source: TLC

Many families appearing on Seeking Sister Wife chose polygamy specifically because of their religious beliefs. Dimitri and Ashley Snowden's story is a bit more complicated, however, as the stars opted for the lifestyle partly because they wanted to enrich their children's life experiences. So, do the Seeking Sister Wife stars belong to a religion? 

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Does the Snowden family from 'Seeking Sister Wife' practice a specific religion?

Dimitri and Ashley are lauded by some for their progressive mentality. The stars of Seeking Sister Wife are spiritually wedded — reportedly, they don't have a legally binding agreement — while they also insist on homeschooling their three kids and following a strict diet. So, are they affiliated with a specific religion? 

seeking sister wife snowden religion
Source: Instagram
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'Seeking Sister Wife' fans are intrigued by the Snowdens' views.

Ashley's preference for wearing a bindi (a colored dot worn in the center of the forehead) — along with her and Dimitri's keen interest in various spiritual practices — garnered a great deal of attention among Seeking Sister Wife fans. 

According to Redditors like u/Shihtzuhoney and u/glitchinthemeowtrix, the stars could nurse ambitions to form their own religious group. Another user speculates that it's possible Dimitri and Ashley are more interested in forming a throuple than they are in pursuing polygamous relationships. 

Dimitri grew up in a Catholic household.

"My father was born in Havana, Cuba and his religion was Catholicism. Always said grace before dinner, we didn't go to church, we didn't read the Bible, we didn't do any of that stuff," Dimitri explained in a previous episode of Shift Gets Real (the Snowdens' podcast).

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seeking sister wife snowden religion
Source: TLC

As the star of Seeking Sister Wife revealed, he was baptized, but that didn't exactly cement his religious beliefs. As Dimitri remarked, he was bathed in cold water before being encouraged to try speaking in tongues, which he didn't manage to achieve.

"It was like 50 percent cause I couldn't get tongues," Dimitri summarized the experience in the podcast episode. 

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"I'm not shut off from God. I'm very much in alignment," Ashley says.

As Ashley explained in the same podcast episode, she has a keen interest in the study of herbs, the use of elements, astrology, astronomy, and crystals. She is also fascinated by chakra healing, Tarot, and the like. 

"I'm not shut off from God. I'm very much in alignment. I don't pray for things. I give thanks. I also give thanks to my ancestors, because I know, without them, we would not be sitting right here," Ashley said. 

"You and I have been through so many different phases of our own spiritual [world]," Ashley said.

"We went through our respective individual journeys with spirituality and religion," Dimitri added. "We became a family and then we still both had this [respective] yearning for [our] community.  With that, we thought that again joining a larger community of like minds would help us and so when we came together we knew from Day 0 that we had this perspective around the family unit." 

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seeking sister wife snowden religion
Source: Instagram

As the stars explained, they briefly studied Abrahamic religions like Islam, alongside Mormonism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Eastern spiritual practices, and other African spiritual systems. It's likely they didn't commit to one school of thought, however.

"There is something beautiful about being able to take what resonates with you and not feel obligated to be that thing to practice that thing," Ashley said. 

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