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Source: YouTube

'Seinfeld' Was Filmed in These New York City Locations


Like Friends, Broad City, or Brooklyn Nine-Nine, 90s NBC sitcom, Seinfeld, is a quintessential New York T.V. show. And whether you live in the Big Apple, or if you're simply visiting, stopping by the show's filming locations is basically a right of passage.

Although Elaine's Chelsea townhouse recently went on the market, according to Travel and Leisure, and the facade of Jerry's apartment was filmed in Los Angeles, these are filming locations from Seinfeld that you can actually visit.

1. Tom’s Restaurant (aka Monk’s Café), 2880 Broadway, NY, NY

Source: YouTube

On the corner of Broadway and West 112th lies Tom's Restaurant, which is where the facade of the classic Seinfeld hangout spot, Monks, is located. 

Although the inside was filmed on a set, Tom's has since remodeled its inside dining area to reflect how it looked in the show, according to Free Tours By Foot. So bottom line: you could get some pretty hilarious Insta pics in there while dining on a "big salad."