The Best 'Servant' Theories About Leanne and Her Uncle That Might Make Sense of What's Happening

Leanne is one of the biggest mysteries about 'Servant' and these theories about her could help fans figure out what is going on. Keep reading.

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Apr. 16 2020, Updated 2:14 p.m. ET

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If it seems like Servant just premiered on Apple TV+, that's because it sort of did. But with the first season about to come to a close, there are more questions than ever and fans need answers. There's still a lot to learn about Dorothy, Sean, and their suddenly real baby, but Leanne is a bigger enigma. And now she has family, namely an uncle, who is just as mysterious. But the theories about Leanne and her uncle on Servant might help you make a little sense of where her story is going.

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Or, they could make you more confused than ever and give you an entirely new set of questions to obsess over. These Servant theories about Leanne and her uncle are all about figuring out who she is and what her real motives may be, however. So while M. Night Shyamalan may be known for playing mind games of epic proportions, there could be some legitimate answers on the horizon.

Servant theories about Leanne and her uncle:

Leanne and her uncle are part of a supernatural religious sect.

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Not only does Leanne present a ton of questions to viewers about her past, but now her mysterious uncle is part of that same set of questions. One theory on reddit actually suggests that both Leanne and her uncle are part of a religious sect that has the ability to bring people, specifically children, back from the dead. The theory points to Leanne’s crosses as evidence of resurrection.

According to this particular theory, Leanne was resurrected as a child herself, hence the cross in her burned down childhood home that is identical to the one she placed above Jericho’s crib shortly before he came back to life. The theory also says that the uncle is an elder in the sect and that he and the others in the group seek out worthy children of being born again. These children eventually have to do the bidding of the sect as well, much like Leanne may be doing as Jericho’s caregiver.

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Leanne has the power to reverse death.

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A running theme with Leanne has been death in different ways. Before she arrived at Dorothy and Sean’s house, Jericho wasn’t alive. And when she watched Sean kill an eel in front of her, it was hard for her to stomach. She also saved a grasshopper after watching someone eat a live one, which again, was difficult for her. To be fair, that would be hard for most people to handle, but another theory says that this could be the biggest clue about who Leanne is.

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This theory states that Leanne could have the power to reverse death since she seems to be so heavily impacted by it at every turn. That doesn’t explain why Leanne is with Dorothy and Sean or whether or not her motives are truly pure, but it’s a start.

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She's a runaway angel.

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No one ever said M. Night was beyond the clutches of supernatural plots, so it probably isn't that hard to suspend your disbelief when it comes to thinking of Leanne as an angel of all things. One fan theory on Twitter says that Leanne is actually a runaway angel, being that her uncle seems “less human than she is.” it could hold some merit, especially since, compared to her uncle, Leanne is basically an innocent.

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Leanne and her uncle will turn Sean into the wooden chef doll.

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Another fan on Twitter theorized that Sean will eventually be turned into the wooden chef doll Leanne’s uncle gifted Jericho with. The theory says that because the doll was made with wood from an elm tree, and elm trees are associated with death in folklore, the doll could be a hint of what’s to come for Sean. Now we just need to figure out what the other wooden dolls might be for.

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Leanne's uncle is already dead.

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Leanne’s uncle looked tore up the moment he stepped into the house in Servant’s Dec. 20 episode. Another theory about Leanne’s uncle says that he might already be dead. The fan pointed out on reddit that when the uncle arrived, his clothes looked worn and his fingers and toes seemed to be in a state of decay. Who knows — maybe he’s just unconcerned with his overall appearance. But if you’re all about paying attention to the most minute details, this theory might be one you jump on. 

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There is always the chance that M. Night could pull a classic fast one on fans and leave everyone shocked by the end of Servant Season 1. He has been known to throw curve balls that literally no one expects. For now, however, it's totally okay to continue the wild speculation. At least, until some of the most burning questions are finally answered.

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