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Source: Apple

The Best 'Servant' Theories About Leanne and Her Uncle That Might Make Sense of What's Happening


If it seems like Servant just premiered on Apple TV+, that's because it sort of did. But with the first season about to come to a close, there are more questions than ever and fans need answers. There's still a lot to learn about Dorothy, Sean, and their suddenly real baby, but Leanne is a bigger enigma. And now she has family, namely an uncle, who is just as mysterious. But the theories about Leanne and her uncle on Servant might help you make a little sense of where her story is going.

Or, they could make you more confused than ever and give you an entirely new set of questions to obsess over. These Servant theories about Leanne and her uncle are all about figuring out who she is and what her real motives may be, however. So while M. Night Shyamalan may be known for playing mind games of epic proportions, there could be some legitimate answers on the horizon.

Servant theories about Leanne and her uncle: