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Source: Apple

This 'Servant' Theory About Aliens Ties in a Classic M. Night Shyamalan Movie


M. Night Shyamalan is known for a few unmistakable movie tropes — twist endings, shameless cameos, and aliens. Granted, all of his movies aren't about aliens, but it's not a stretch to consider that the Apple TV+ series he attached himself to will involve otherworldly creatures at some point. And this Servant theory about aliens definitely backs that up.

M. Night has been a big part of the marketing for Servant, so he has had a hand in helping shape the series so far. He didn't write or direct every episode, but the general tone and ongoing mystery is unmistakably reminiscent of some of his other work. Now, one fan on reddit is convinced aliens are the answer on Servant. If that's the case, it could answer some key questions by the time Season 1 ends.