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The Shadow Gate Conspiracy Is a Tin-Foil-Hat Wearer's Dream Come True



If you've ever frequented InfoWars, then you know how far-fetched many of the claims on the popular site can get. The outlet thrives on disseminating conspiracy theories that mostly align with extreme-right thinking, and they even hire correspondents who espouse these same beliefs. One of the site's employees, Millie Weaver, was recently arrested, and she is insinuating, along with tons of other conspiracy theorists, that it has to do with her work on Shadow Gate.

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No, 'Shadow Gate' is not an evil telekinetic branch of the military from a video game.

You're thinking of Psi: Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy, a criminally underrated title that desperately needs a sequel, or a 1987 PC title. Shadow Gate is a documentary that features testimony from two individuals who claim to be former "Shadow Government" employees who worked on extremely covert operations. These ranged from participating in internet surveillance and spying on civilians, to influencing regime upheavals in other parts of the world and finally, it all gets tied into voter fraud.

Source: BitChute
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The documentary even implies that the current panic over the COVID-19 pandemic is somehow tied into the covert affairs the "Shadow Government" participates in. There are also claims of secret documents shared by this organization being disseminated in nefarious ways like "torrents," so there's no way to track them. But if anyone has ever received a Verizon cease-and-desist letter after downloading a season of Game of Thrones, you'll know that's false.

Although the movie's been removed from YouTube, you can still find 'Shadow Gate' on BitChute.

There's a lot of hullabaloo surrounding the film and many fans of the documentary who gobble up conspiracy theories like I pound caramel Cadbury eggs every Easter claim it keeps getting taken down due to the fact that "the powers that be" want to restrict the truth from the good denizens of the internet. If you'd like to watch the film, you can check it out here below:

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So what is the Shadow Gate conspiracy and why does the documentary keep getting taken down?

Again, it's hard to define exactly what the documentary is trying to get across, other than the fact that there's an evil arm of the government that works in "the shadows" and is pulling the strings of all the different social / cultural phenomenon that is discussed in the media. YouTube says the video is removed due to "hate speech," and many speculate it has to do with the assertions that the COVID-19 pandemic is fabricated to an extent.

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Two individuals interviewed in the documentary, Tore and Patrick Bergy, who worked for the NAVY and ARMY respectively claim that the shadow government utilizes "military-grade psychology warfare weapons [that are] being used on American citizens." These weapons range from supposed media propaganda machines to physical devices that alter our mental state.

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Toward the end of the documentary, there are even links made to Momentum, a social movement organization with ties to Black Lives Matter and Defund the Police. These connections are somehow tied to the Shadow Gate conspiracy as well, hinting that a "Leftist agenda" of power-hungry folks are working to establish some type of new world order.

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Updates on Millie Weaver's arrest are another talking point for proponents of the film.

29-year-old Weaver was arrested along with her boyfriend, Gavin Wince (45), on charges of robbery, obstruction of justice, domestic violence, and tampering with evidence. Weaver even livestreamed her arrest and made the connection between some massive news story she was about to break along with the arrival of officers at her home.

"Guys, I don’t know what’s happening right now. The police have just shown up at my house and they said that they’re arresting me." She goes on to say in the now-removed video that she was on the brink of reporting "huge breaking news" right before officers instruct her to enter the squad car. 

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Source: BitChute

The film is reminiscent of Zeitgeist, another conspiracy theory film that begins with the constructs of organized religion and then ends with microchipping citizens of the globe in an effort to monitor everyone's movements. As if smartphones don't exist already. Have you seen Shadow Gate? What are your thoughts?

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