The "She Lives Inside Of Me" TikTok Trend Explained
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The “She Lives Inside Of Me” TikTok Trend Is Downright Wholesome

Haylee Thorson - Author

Feb. 21 2023, Published 7:59 p.m. ET

From heartwarming to hilarious, TikTok offers no shortage of hyper-specific trends. Whether it be the “history repeats itself” trend or the “I wish I met you earlier” trend, niche content is constantly gaining traction on the vertical video app.

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However, the recent “she lives inside of me” videos may be the most wholesome TikTok trend ever. Users are posting throwback photos and videos to heal their inner child — but how does the concept work exactly?

The "She Lives Inside Of Me" TikTok Trend Explained
Source: TikTok/@charbuds_
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The “she lives inside of me” TikTok trend pays homage to the inner child.

Few TikTok trends are sweeter than the recent “she lives inside of me” videos peppering everyone’s For You Page. The nostalgic trend honors a person’s inner child — the free-spirited, child-like self that stays with us throughout adulthood.

Featuring old clips from childhood accompanied by lighthearted instrumental music, the “she lives inside of me” videos exude innocence and compassion toward a person’s younger self.

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The “she lives inside of me” videos are incredibly cinematic. Many clips included in the trend come from old video cameras that contribute to a movie-like feel.

One video by @charbuds_ shows her young self splashing around in the ocean while her mom offers background commentary. “This little peanut’s gonna be in first grade!” her mother exclaims as her daughter jumps up and down in the water. “I feel like I’m watching a flashback in a movie,” one person commented.

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Another video posted by @theabossanova depicts her childhood self splashing around in puddles with an umbrella as it rains. “I wish I was this innocent again,” someone mentioned.

Several users even shared their own “she lives inside of me” experiences in the comment section. “I had a day like this biking through dandelions in the rain. It’s still the fondest and most vivid memory of my childhood I have.”

Some people worry the younger generations won’t experience the same joy depicted in the “she lives inside of me” TikTok trend.

One of the top-liked videos from the trend comes from @gabsspamacctt. Garnering over 300 thousand likes, the TikTok shows a young girl playing with a garden hose in the grass while singing along to the “It’s Raining, It’s Pouring” nursery rhyme. “This trend is absolutely adorable,” the creator wrote in her caption.

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The video’s comment section quickly pointed out that life was far simpler back then and that the younger generations may not experience the same innocence and joy with the ever-changing nature of technology and social media.

“I feel like we were the last generation of kids to experience an early childhood without technology and it makes me so sad,” one person commented.

Another added, “We were lucky to be born at that specific period where we weren’t secluded to nature or technology, what a beautiful time.”

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