Shovel Girl, aka Miranda Fugate, Regrets "Awkward, Stupid" Time in Her Life

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Jun. 4 2021, Published 3:02 p.m. ET

What's Shovel Girl up to Now? Two Words, Three Syllables
Source: YouTube | Instagram

There are some viral sensations who've managed to leverage their 15 minutes of fame into big-time paydays. Just ask Cash Me Ousside How 'Bout Dat girl. People actually know both her stage and real name now and she's making music with known artists, earning a ton of money off of social media sponsorships, and also making a killing on OnlyFans.

But what about other folks who've found themselves on the receiving end of some cringe-inducing viral clips, like Shovel Girl — what's she up to now?

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Shovel Girl is now promoting her OnlyFans online.

Miranda Fugate was the unfortunate recipient in the Shovel Girl video. In the 2014 clip, she's seen following another teenager, Emily Olinger, into her house after it seemed like the two were going to fight. Emily appears to walk away from the potential showdown when Miranda follows her to the home.

Emily doesn't appreciate that and charges at Miranda with a shovel, tossing it at her head.

Shovel Girl
Source: Instagram
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The combination of the petty arguing, the hyena-like anticipation of the crowd gathering to watch the pointless conflict, and the sound of metal on skull and seeing Miranda crash to the ground after the attack culminated in the clip becoming a viral sensation.

It also spawned tons of different news stories, and even coverage on Dr. Phil (where Cash Me Ousside Girl earned her viral fame).

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Now, Miranda is promoting her OnlyFans account on her Instagram account. She hasn't achieved a widespread social media following because of the incident, but she spoke online about the viral clip in January 2020 after creating a YouTube channel.

She said, "Hey guys, so I finally decided to break down the Shovel Girl video. And I'm really nervous about it because it was a really awkward video for me."

"I was about 14 and it was just really awkward, really stupid, and a really lame point and time in my life and I really never wanted to have to make this video breaking it down but I've had messages from all over the world. People like Snoop Dogg have shared this video, it was talked about on Family Guy, Tosh.0, Dr. Phil, and right after that happened to me I had to go away for nine months in treatment. I was not [allowed] on the computer for 13 months."

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She continued, "I never really got to put my own spin to tell everybody how I felt about it." She then goes in depth in the video to break down what happened in the original viral clip.

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When the viral video became popular, people were seriously concerned about what happened with Shovel Girl.

Rumors started spreading that she died, and hoaxes popped up all over the internet. However, as we can clearly see, Miranda is alive and well and is seemingly hoping to capitalize on the embarrassing video in order to get her name out there.

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Hey, it worked for Bhad Bhabie, so why not Miranda?

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