Keeping Up With the Joneses on 'Seeking Sister Wife' Is Going to Be Wild

Jamie Lerner - Author

Mar. 22 2021, Updated 5:12 p.m. ET

Sidian and Tosha on 'Seeking Sister Wife'
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TLC’s hit show, Seeking Sister Wife, chronicles a select few polygamous relationships as the couples or throuples (or quaples) navigate society with their unconventional families. One new family we’ll be keeping up with is the Joneses. Sidian and his second wife, Tosha, are seeking a new sister wife after Sidian’s first wife left.

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As we can imagine, maintaining a polygamous relationship can be challenging, considering maintaining a monogamous relationship is difficult enough! Now, Seeking Sister Wife will chronicle Sidian and Tosha as they pick up the pieces from their failed go at polygamy. But what happened to Sidian’s first wife?

Source: Instagram
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Sidian and his first wife were in a monogamous relationship before they met Tosha.

While some of the families we meet on Seeking Sister Wife always knew they wanted to be polygamous, Sidian and his first wife were in a different position. They began as a monogamous couple and had two kids together: Liliam and Tyrion. However, they felt something was missing in their relationship. 

Sidian explained:

I had a friend who was in a polygamous relationship, and what drew me to the lifestyle was learning that polygamy is a lot more than sex. It is having more support in the house, more love to go around. You know, if somebody has any sort of problem, there's not just one other adult in the house to help tackle it, there's at least two others.
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Source: Instagram

So, Sidian and his first wife decided to venture out into the world of polygamy. Sidian met Tosha and introduced her to the concept of polygamy, which she latched onto because of “the family aspect.” He introduced the two women to each other, and after about three months of dating, they eased Tosha into living with them.

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Sidian and His First Wife, Tosha, and the Kids
Source: TLC

Sidian and Tosha described this as a very happy time in their lives, full of love within their whole unconventional family. But about six months in, Sidian’s first wife started to doubt if polygamy was for her, and Tosha decided to leave out of respect to Sidian and his first wife’s marriage. 

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We don’t actually know what happened to Sidian’s first wife on ‘Seeking Sister Wife.’

As of now, we don’t actually know what happened to Sidian’s first wife, except for that she’s no longer in the picture. 

According to TLC's description of Sidian and Tosha’s predicament, “Sidian and Tosha Jones live in Idaho, where Tosha was once Sidian's second wife, until the first wife left them. After taking time to heal, Tosha and Sidian are now seeking a sister wife again but find out it’s not as easy as they thought it would be to find their perfect match.”

Sidian and His First Wife on 'Seeking Sister Wife'
Source: TLC
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Not only did she leave, but every trace of Sidian's first wife seems to have been wiped from Sidian's and Tosha's lives. 

All or most photos of her are completely blurred out, and there’s no record of her on either Sidian’s or Tosha’s social media accounts. 

In fact, as Tosha and Sidian search for a new sister wife, Tosha has completely taken over as the first wife of the family, caring for Sidian’s children as if they were her own.

Hopefully the mystery of Sidian’s first wife will unravel as the third season of Seeking Sister Wife unfolds.

Watch new episodes of Seeking Sister Wife Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on TLC.

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