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Source: Instagram

According to Twitter, 'The Simpsons' Predicted the 2020 Super Bowl and the Coronavirus


The teams in this year's Super Bowl and the Coronavirus epidemic are just some of the events The Simpsons has foretold with a great deal of accuracy. 

Renowned for its grotesque humor and tongue-in-cheek allusions to current affairs, past The Simpsons episodes have dealt with issues like the rapid changes taking place in the broadcasting landscape, Lady Gaga's Super Bowl halftime show, and the outbreak of WWIII. 

These are some of their predictions for 2020. 

'The Simpsons' predicted the finalists playing in this year's Super Bowl — well, kind of.

According to some fans, the episode titled "Sunday, Cruddy Sunday" forecasted the teams playing in the Super Bowl 2020 with freakish accuracy. Broadcast on Jan. 31, 1999, the episode captures a Super Bowl game held in Miami. The winning team wears a red-white uniform, the preferred colors of the San Francisco 49ers.