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Source: Getty Images

11 Times Singers Stopped the Show to Yell at Their Fans


When singers perform in front of a stadium of screaming fans, it's a surge of adrenaline. However, the "high" of performing has its downfalls, and when fans get rude, handsy, or just straight-up annoying, celebs have no choice but to lash out. 

Sure, people paid good money for those tickets, but that doesn't mean artists should have to subject themselves to abuse or humiliation from rowdy audience members intent on spoiling the fun for everyone. That said, not all these interruptions by artists are equally understandable. (We're looking at you, Kanye).

From storming off stage to trying to fight fans in the pit, here are all the moments — warranted or not — where singers stopped the show to address their audience.

1. Kanye West

Source: Getty Images

Rapper Kanye West's onstage meltdowns are numerous and, at this point, aren't even all that surprising anymore. However, back in 2014, he took things a little too far when he yelled at his fans for not standing up during his performance — including two fans who were sitting in wheelchairs. According to fans who tweeted about the incident, Kanye stopped the music and ordered everyone to get on their feet and start dancing. However, when he noticed two people were still seated, he stopped the music again to berate them. 

"This is the longest I’ve had to wait to do a song, it’s unbelievable," he said. When the audience shouted at him that the two people seated were in wheelchairs, he sent a security guard into the audience to confirm. "He is in a wheelchair?" Kanye said. "OK, you fine!”