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Girl Exposes Sister's College Secret to Her Boyfriend and Things Turn Ugly



"The truth shall set you free." While that old adage isn't always exactly right or applicable in most situations (imagine telling a basketball-loving kid that their chances of making it into the NBA are virtually impossible, monstrous,) there's a ton of ease that comes along with always being forthright.

You'll never get caught in talking smack behind someone's back, and you'll never have to worry about being caught in a lie.

Plus, being honest most of the time also means that you won't need to keep track of said lies. You won't have to worry about one group of friends seeing you out with another group when you told them you were going to kick it for a quiet evening.

It also means that your friends and family won't accidentally "out" one of your secrets without you knowing.

I know what you're thinking, "But everyone close to me already knows how to get my back and be vague in their answers whenever they talk about me, so, how about that?"

That may be the case, but not everyone is as deft at low-level small talk espionage as you and your crew may be — like this one Redditor who accidentally spilled the beans about her sister's real college experience while talking to her new boyfriend.

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Here's the thing though, this Redditor seems like a regular poster to the AITA community, where people want to find out if they're the a-hole or not for the way they behaved in a specific situation.

Interestingly enough, she posted something a little while back asking what she should do because she's attracted to one of her sister's boyfriends.

The BF in question in her latest post, however, isn't that same guy.

So it's not as if she was trying to sow seeds of dissension and discord so she can swoop in on her sister's man; she was actually speaking with BF #2 at a family barbecue to avoid interacting with BF#1 because she totally has the hots for that dude.

Her conversation with BF #2 went as follows:

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So for some reason, OP's sister tried to make her look less educated than she was while simultaneously gassing up her own academic achievements in order to impress her boyfriend.

The conversation took a very weird turn when her sister's BF started asking more questions and OP gladly clarified, but it wasn't without drama.

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OP's sister accused her of attempting to "sabotage" her relationship with her BF, and OP wanted to know if she was in the wrong for not keeping tabs on her sister's lies to this man. Which would've been hard to do because it's not like she was privy to the laundry list of fibs and tall tales that her sister concocted in order to win over the heart of this particular man.

Commenters who read OP's story didn't think she did anything wrong at all. Many of them thought that if you weren't smart enough to not lie in the first place and to not even keep track of your lies, then the onus ultimately falls on you.

Source: Reddit
Source: Reddit

Others mentioned that OP's sister's boyfriend's attitudes towards community college were pretty darn condescending and that maybe he's not the greatest of catches anyway, if she felt the need to lie to him about who she was. Ultimately, it's not the healthiest of relationships if it was built on lies.

Source: Reddit
Source: Reddit
Source: Reddit

What do you think? Was OP wrong in "spilling the beans" about her sister's educational background? Or does her sister only have herself to blame for lying in the first place?

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