Sleep Recorder App Captured This Guy's Farts and It's the Funniest Thing in the World

Robin Zlotnick - Author

Apr. 24 2020, Updated 5:18 p.m. ET

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Farts are never not funny. But these farts you are about to hear are, indeed, extra funny farts. They are extra funny because they occurred while the farter was sleeping. You see, Twitter user @fin_costick tried using one of those sleep apps that keeps track of everything that happens while you are asleep at night.

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These apps will do things like calculate your REM sleep time, keep track of your heartbeat, and yes, record noises that come out of your bedroom while you are out like a light. Unfortunately for Fin, and fortunately for the rest of us, his sleep app recorded all of his nighttime farts for him to play back and reflect on the next day. It's the funniest 13-second long video you will ever experience.

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Each little fart it its own perfect recording. It is a symphony, a masterpiece, and a truly impressive troll job by a phone app. Fin's farts are short and sweet and so, so funny. I don't know about you, but the first time I listened to his recorded farts, I laughed so hard that I cried. And I am not alone.

Fin didn't have to share his nighttime farts with everyone, but he did, and he went totally viral because of it. His fart video garnered over 63,000 retweets and nearly 230,000 likes. People in my own, personal circle were sharing the video like crazy because of how funny it is. Fin truly gave us a gift when he let his farts ring out on Twitter. 

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And not only that, but his farts inspired the creativity of many. Someone thought it would be funny to set Fin's farts to the drum fill from Phil Collins' classic song, "In the Air Tonight," and they were correct. 

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Not going to lie, this is almost better than the original video. The creativity that Fin's farts sparked is just incredible. I only hope to make as much of an impact in this world as one of the farts Fin's app recorded while he was sound asleep. 

The reactions to Fin's video and the subsequent remixes are priceless. "You made my night. Thank you!" one Twitter user wrote. "Bruh I must've stayed at an earlier stage of development or something because I laughed harder to this than to any of the forms of comedy I've consumed since like last week," another wrote. Perhaps most complimentary was this simple reaction: "I laughed so hard I farted."

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Fin's fart video prompted someone else to share a similar experience they had with the app. In this one, the guy seems to talk in his sleep before letting a big one rip. It's definitely got a different pace and tone than Fin's farts, but it's just as hilarious. 

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"Oooh, yikes," he says before giggling and farting so long and loud I thought that maybe it would never end. This other video also went viral, as it should have, and so this day was an entire day filled with funny sleepy fart videos. We could not have asked for anything more special. 

These incredible fart videos reminded me of another exploration of farts that went viral some years ago. A man recorded his own fart and then realized that it was a perfect "major seventh arpeggio in the key of B flat, with a trill at the end." He composed a whole, lovely little classical piece out of his perfect fart. 

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If there's anything that videos like these teach us, it's that farts of all shapes, sizes, sounds, and smells are beautiful, and they should all be appreciated. Every single fart is hilarious in its own way. We should not be ashamed to fart. On the contrary, we should take pride in our butts and the things that come out of them.

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