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Source: Twitter / iStock Photo

Sleep Recorder App Captured This Guy's Farts and It's the Funniest Thing in the World


Farts are never not funny. But these farts you are about to hear are, indeed, extra funny farts. They are extra funny because they occurred while the farter was sleeping. You see, Twitter user @fin_costick tried using one of those sleep apps that keeps track of everything that happens while you are asleep at night.

These apps will do things like calculate your REM sleep time, keep track of your heartbeat, and yes, record noises that come out of your bedroom while you are out like a light. Unfortunately for Fin, and fortunately for the rest of us, his sleep app recorded all of his nighttime farts for him to play back and reflect on the next day. It's the funniest 13-second long video you will ever experience.