Are You Supposed to Peel the Casing on Slim Jims? TikTok Debates

Kelly Corbett - Author

Dec. 7 2023, Updated 11:05 a.m. ET

tiktok user @tallydally8
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The Gist:

  • Slim Jims are a popular meat stick snack that has been around since 1928.
  • After a mom finds out that Slim Jims retain a casing on them after they come out of the package, she and her son spark a debate over whether or not you're supposed to peel it off or just eat it.
  • Conagra Brands, the manufacturer of Slim Jim, explained to Distractify that the casing of a Slim Jim is meant to be eaten.
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Did you know that after unwrapping a Slim Jim, there's an extra step some take before devouring the meat snack? One mom recently took to TikTok to share this newfound information she learned from her son.

The mom claims that she'd been eating Slim Jims wrong her whole life. But is it possible that she was correct all along? A debate ensued on TikTok and Conagra Brands spoke with Distractify to clear up any confusion.

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A person reaching into a box of Slim Jims
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Woman learns that there is a casing on Slim Jims that can be peeled off — but should it get peeled off?

A recent TikTok video by mom @tallydally8 has sparked a debate about the proper way to eat a Slim Jim. In the video, her son reveals a surprising revelation: Slim Jims have an additional wrapping on them that can be peeled off.

"So my mom has been eating Slim Jims by just pulling it out of the package and eating it," he explains, "but what she didn't realize is you're supposed to pull the paper off."

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The paper her son is referring to is actually called collagen casing, as some viewers noted in the comment section.

Per Bearded Butchers, collagen casings are used to preserve meat as well as help it help its form, usually used on real meat, but can also be used on processed meat stick snacks like Slim Jims. Casings are popular for their uniform shape, which results in consistently sized sausages. They also provide that firm bite and snap most people want in a good sausage.

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Most collagen casings are edible, including the ones on Slim Jims. Therefore, @tallydally8 wasn't necessarily endangering herself by not removing the casing.

And in the comment section, many people agreed with her that they don't peel their Slim Jims before eating. "Everyone eats the casing," wrote one user. Another said: "That's my favorite part ... the chewy part. I never peeled."

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What does it say on the actual Slim Jim packaging?

The actual Slim Jim packaging doesn't note anything about having to peel the casing off before eating a Slim Jim. It doesn't even mention that a Slim Jim contains casing.

Fortunately, Distractify reached out to Conagra Brands, the manufacturer of Slim Jim, for clarification. Here's what the company's content and communications manager had to say: "Slim Jim meat sticks do not have a paper casing around the meat."

They added, "It is an edible beef casing that surrounds the meat similar to other meats like sausages or hot dogs and is meant to be consumed. We encourage fans to eat Slim Jim meat sticks with the casing for that perfectly spicy taste and snap."

So, there you have it! For those who have been enjoying Slim Jims without removing the casing, rest assured, you haven't been eating paper all along!

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