What's Are Smash Burger Tacos? Inside the Latest and Tastiest TikTok Trend

Smash burger tacos are delicious if slightly non-nutritious. Just what makes this TikTok trend so popular amongst food lovers? Read on for details.

Emma Saletta - Author

Aug. 12 2023, Published 3:51 p.m. ET

What do you get when you take a burger and combine it with a taco? Well, one of the latest TikTok trends – smash burger tacos. What may have started as a way to combine two common meals is now a TikTok sensation that Chrissy Teigen even participated in on June 13, 2023.

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These juicy and savory burgers with a twist that can make any TikToker hungry can either be healthy, or just plain tasty. The Food Network Canada TikTok even called the mashup meal a “10 out of 10,” but not before creating their own smash burger taco.

So, just what is this delicious TikTok trend? We have all the details below on how you can be a part of it right from a kitchen or backyard.

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Smash burger tacos is the meal trend on TikTok you simply have to taste today.

Whether using a kitchen stove or a barbecue grill, smash burger tacos have become the meal satisfying the hunger of many TikTok users. For those who still have yet to try the trend, it's simple to do so, and one can get ideas from TikTokers themselves.

An easy way to get a general idea on how to make a smash burger taco is to look for TikTok videos that include hashtags such as, well, #smashburgertacos. You will find all the latest smash burger taco TikToks that show exactly what to combine on your stove or grill — and what other creative ingredients might make your smash burger taco even tastier.

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One particular smash burger taco is leading the way on TikTok.

Several users on TikTok have posted videos of their own unique smash burger taco recipes. However, a smash burger taco that pops up the most is one that may require you to go to McDonald's before cooking – to source Big Mac sauce.

Regular or low-fat, the smash burger taco that TikTok seemingly cannot go without is the Big Mac smash burger taco with McDonald's version, or homemade sauce.

For people who opt to make homemade sauce, it won't take long, especially since a Big Mac sauce recipe calls for simple ingredients — like mayonnaise and ketchup, and a few other basic burger fixins. However, it's suggested that you refrigerate the sauce for at least two hours (preferably overnight) in order for it to taste most like the real thing.

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Big Macs aren't for everybody, which is one of the reasons why the smash burger taco can be as creative as you would want. Chrissy put her own spin on making a smash taco burger on a true enamel skillet, and shared the results on her TikTok, @cravingsbychrissyteigen. Let's just say the mom of four and cookbook author was all smiles after trying the finishing product.

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