Are You a "Soldier, Poet, or King?" How You Can Take the Viral Quiz to Find Out!

The "soldier, poet, or king" quiz is has been viral on TikTok for months, and many users want to know what the quiz is and how to take it. Here's how.


Jul. 20 2023, Updated 2:38 p.m. ET

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Since its earliest days, TikTok has been popular in part for being a purveyor of trendy quizzes. These quizzes are often silly and occasionally completely pointless, but users have been sharing the results from these quizzes on their TikTok feeds ever since the app became popular.

In January 2023, a quiz began circulating that determines whether a TikTok user is a soldier, a poet, or a king. And it continues to captivate those who come across it.

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But is there a hidden meaning behind the "soldier, poet, or king" test and how does it work? Sit tight as we've got all the details!

What is the "soldier, poet, or king" quiz on TikTok?

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The "soldier, poet, or king" quiz has become enormously popular on TikTok thanks to users sharing their results and reacting to whichever category they were given. The quiz was inspired by an Oh Hellos song called "Soldier, Poet, King," and can be taken on the Uquiz website here. All you have to do is type in your name and click on the button that says "start quiz."

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From there, you'll be given a series of 20 questions designed to determine which of the three categories you most neatly fit into. The questions may seem a bit esoteric or strange and include things like "what is duty," or finish the sentence prompts like "the throne looks ..." When you've finished with all of the questions, you'll be given a definitive answer as to which of the three categories you belong to.

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Users have been sharing their results online, and some seem to be surprised by the category that they fall into. Of course, quizzes like this only mean as much as you let them, and this quiz might not mean anything at all. Still, those who have participated in the "soldier, poet, or king" test clearly seem to be getting something at least somewhat fulfilling out of the exercise.

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What do my "soldier, poet, or king" quiz results actually mean?

Even without taking the viral TikTok quiz, you probably have some intuitive sense of what each of these results means in the vaguest terms. More specifically, though, a king is someone who is bound by duty and honor and has a heavy burden of power and responsibility on their shoulders. A poet, by contrast, is more individualistic and solitary, an artistic type who has more power than they might realize.

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Soldiers are in it for the glory, and while they might have some physical strength, they always run the risk of overdoing it in pursuit of their goals. These are just loose descriptions, but they may help some users better understand which of the roles they would actually want for themselves, and which they might find themselves a little bit disappointed with if they were to get them as a result.

Quizzes aren't a new trend on TikTok.

This isn't the first quiz from Uquiz to take over TikTok. The human feeling quiz accomplished something similar, briefly taking over the platform as users shared their individual results with one another. Quizzes like "What Is My Weakness" and the human emotion quiz have also become popular on TikTok in recent years, largely because users get so much joy out of sharing their results with one another.

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