"I Don't Know What Your Name Is" — Adorable Kid Thinks His Mother's Actual Name Is Mom

In a now-viral video, a mom asked her son if he knew her real name — and he didn't have a clue. Check out the rest of this hilarious story below!

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Oct. 24 2023, Published 5:06 p.m. ET

TikTok user @heidi_jo21 revealed that her son didn't know her real name.
Source: TikTok / @heidi_jo21

When we meet our parents for the very first time, they're known as "Mom" and "Dad." From then on, most don't learn their parents' real names until years later, but there's always that kid who doesn't even realize their parents had any other name besides "Mom" or "Dad."

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Speaking of that kid, TikTok creator Heidi (@heidi_jo21) shared a hilarious video of her son, who didn't seem to know her real name. For some reason, he thought people got new names when they reached adulthood!

Keep scrolling to find out how the boy reacted when he found out his mom's name was still, in fact, Heidi. Plus, stick around to hear what the internet had to say about the adorable interaction.

A mother and son smiling at each other.
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This adorable little boy had trouble figuring out his mom's real name.

"What was my name when I was little?" Heidi asked her son, who quickly responded: "Heidi." She then asked him what her name was now, and he had no idea. "I don't know — Mom?" he guessed. "I don't know what your name is!"

Heidi asked both questions again, and, for the latter, he hilariously guessed "Mom" again. The adorable kid reiterated that he didn't know his mom's real name, and honestly? We can't wait until he realizes he does, in fact, know it.

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The pair went back and forth for quite a while, with Heidi telling her precious son that he calls her by her name when he wants her attention. He mistakingly said it was "Mother," but after his mom pointed out that he sometimes calls her Heidi, the realization hit the boy like a ton of bricks.

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"Wait, your name's Heidi right now? What?!" the little boy shockingly exclaimed. Heidi's son was flabbergasted, and she burst out laughing."I called you Heidi because that was your name when you were younger, I didn't know it was your name right now! That's the reason I called you Heidi! ... Plus, every time I say Heidi, you always look at me."

"'Cause it's my name," Heidi said through laughter, and her son replied, "Ohhhh!" Ugh — so cute!

TikTok users gushed over Heidi and her son's hilariously cute interaction.

The now-viral video has been viewed more than 325,900 times and counting as of this writing; it also received well over 500 comments from fellow TikTokers who loved this sweet interaction between Heidi and her son.

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"Did he think we grew out of our names?" one person asked alongside a loudly crying face emoji.

A second user added, "But what does he want his grown-up name to be?!?" Yeah, we need an answer ASAP!

"The innocence of kids!! This is so sweet," a third TikToker said, and we couldn't agree more.

TikToker commented, "When my son was about six I asked him if he knew how to spell my name… he spelled mom"
Source: TikTok / @taradactyl75
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Many also shared similar experiences: "OK, so it's not just my kid then! She is always asking me what my name is," a TikTok user hilariously revealed.

"I've told my son my name multiple times, and he still says, 'Wait, Mom, do you have a name?'" another shared.

A third TikTok user commented, "I love kids' [little] minds. My daughter was so upset and cried every day [because] her classmate had my first name." Aw, that's actually so pure!

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TikToker  @stellarshala commented, "Kids are so freaking funny dude 😂😂😂😂😂😂 I thought my kid's head was gonna explode when she found out grandpa is actually my dad 😂😂😂"
Source: TikTok / @stellarshala

"Kids are so freaking funny dude," someone else agreed, adding that they "thought my kid's head was gonna explode when she found out grandpa is actually my dad."

What do you think of Heidi and her son's conversation? Let us know!

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