The 'Sonic Frontiers' Leaks Are Already Here (SPOILERS)

Sara Belcher - Author

Nov. 3 2022, Published 6:53 p.m. ET

'Sonic Frontiers'
Source: SEGA

One of this year's highly anticipated releases is Sonic Frontiers, the newest game in the SEGA-created franchise to hit gaming platforms.

Given that this will be the first Sonic game to be released in years, players have high hopes for this title — but will it live up to expectations? If you're worried about dropping the money on this game when it launches, there are already some spoilers online that might help you make your decision.

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Eggman is back with a new plan in 'Sonic Frontiers.'

In a series of YouTube videos that have since been deleted, the first few cutscenes of the game were leaked online, unveiling the master plan Sonic's foe Eggman has.

In the opening scene, the villain is seen opening a portal to what appears to be a new dimension, ushering in robots from the other side of the wormhole.

“The ancient secrets will be mine,” he says. But his plan goes awry, as Eggman gets sucked into the portal, suggesting our team of heroes will also have to save him.

'Sonic Frontiers'
Source: SEGA
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Sonic and his friends are in a plane in the next cutscene, on the hunt again for the Chaos Emeralds. But just as they start to deduce why they're drawn to a certain area, another wormhole rips through the sky, taking Tails and Amy into it.

This leaves the player with Sonic alone as he lands on the Starfall Islands. From the gameplay that's been unveiled (and leaked), it seems a lot of familiar mechanisms will return in Sonic Frontiers.

Those with the game have already expressed some disappointment with it.

Though the review embargo has yet to be lifted on the title, those who claim to have it have mixed feelings about the game as a whole. While it seems the upgraded gameplay mechanics deliver the Sonic experience, there are some questionable reactions to the game.

For starters, it seems those who have played the game find it enjoyable, but far from groundbreaking. Though this is the first game in the Sonic franchise in years, SEGA may have played it a bit safe.

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"It's a lot cooler feeling than the other games and it's got that 2000s Sonic feel, specifically storybook," one user wrote online of the game. "The cutscenes are also a lot more cinematic and action packed. It feels like a pre-2010 Sonic game. Even if it ends up being bad it'll definitely deliver that Sonic experience we haven't gotten in a decade."

That being said, the lack of CGI in the cutscenes that have been leaked have some wondering as to the storyline's quality. While it may be too early to tell for sure whether or not the game will be a hit, if you've been itching for anything Sonic-related, Sonic Frontiers may still be worth checking out when it releases on Nov. 8.

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