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Source: Getty

You Can Pretend to Spend Bill Gates' Money With This Website — and It's Addicting


What would you do if you had more than 107 billion dollars? For a lot of people, that number is esoteric and it's hard to quantify. Most of us would just settle for a mere fraction of that number. But, for Microsoft founder Bill Gates, $107.1 billion is his estimated net worth, and he is fairly careful about how he spends that money. 

One internet geek decided to put together a website that could let users feel like the Harvard dropout for a day (well, really, for a few minutes). The site has some of the luxury items we could only dream about having, and users can add them up together to see how far Bill Gates' net worth really gets.

What does 'Spend Bill Gates' money entail? Read on to find out more about the addictive site and the various options included on the list of top luxury items.