Man Details Hilariously Awkward Situation After Barista Drew Heart on His Starbucks Cup

When a Starbucks barista drew a heart on the cap of a man’s coffee cup, he was forced to face an extremely awkward situation later that day.

Jamie Lerner - Author

Nov. 1 2023, Published 6:52 p.m. ET

Sometimes, all you need to make your day a little better is a nice cup of coffee. But TikToker Joseph Yoo got that and more when he made his daily trip to Starbucks. When he picked up his mobile order, he realized that there was a heart drawn on the cap of his coffee cup, which he appreciated in the moment.

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However, later that day, he was forced into a very awkward situation with his wife when she saw the cup with a heart on it. So how did he get out of the jam? Luckily, he’s not the only one on TikTok who’s had a heart drawn on their coffee cup.

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Joseph Yoo was gifted a heart on his coffee cup by a kind Starbucks barista.

Joseph, who happens to be an Episcopalian priest, went to Starbucks to pick up his mobile order. He began his tale by thanking the Starbucks barista who drew the heart on his lid. “To the Starbucks barista who drew a little heart on my cup, thank you,” he said. “You probably did it to make my day, and you probably also thought I was a girl because when I order Starbucks, I use my wife’s Starbucks card so that she gets all the points.

“And when you saw the ticket come up and you said, ‘Oh this is a girl, I’m gonna draw a heart to make her day,’” he continued. “And I’m certain that if my wife did receive this cup with a heart on it that it would’ve made her day. But I was the lucky recipient, and later in the afternoon when my wife got in the car and saw this Starbucks cup with a heart on it, naturally, she had questions.”

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By now, we know where the story is going. Why would her husband have a heart on his cup? What is he not telling her? Joseph explained, “[She had] questions I didn’t know how to answer. She’d ask and I’d be like, ‘I don’t know, I’m not really sure, I really, I don’t know!’ which made me look a lot more guilty and suspicious than I ever was or needed to be.”

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He finished his story off by once again thanking the barista. “So thank you, that was a very very fun experience, so much fun that I don’t recommend. But yeah, thanks.” Not only is Joseph a priest who drinks Starbucks and has a wife, but he’s also hilarious! Commenters who found him because of this story were confused about how he could have a wife if he’s a priest, so he followed up by answering some questions.

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As he explained that he’s Episcopalian, he also shared that his wife wasn’t really bothered by the heart on the cup. According to him, she teased him about it but was actually more upset that he didn’t bring her back a coffee! Honestly, all husbands should know to bring their wives Starbucks when they get their own drink.

Baristas often draw hearts and smiley faces on coffee cups.

While the Starbucks barista probably did think she could make someone’s day a little better by adding some love to the order, they’re not the only one who does that. Many baristas commented on Joseph’s video sharing that they often draw hearts and smiley faces on people’s cups just to add a bit of pizazz.

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But one Starbucks barista shared that she puts hearts for girls and smiley faces for guys because of this exact situation. Another wrote that she just gives out hearts randomly and doesn’t even look at the name. Another said that they just avoid hearts altogether and only draw smileys.

Whatever baristas do, we welcome little designs because it’s always better to add a little special something to make someone’s day. And thanks to Joseph’s story, even if the barista didn’t make his day, he made a bunch of our days!

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