A Couple Refuses to Tip Their Server Because She Can't Adjust Their Bill

When a server gets a couple’s order right in a restaurant, they still think that they ordered too many pork chops, so they decide not to tip.

Jamie Lerner - Author

Nov. 1 2023, Published 12:48 p.m. ET

Working in the restaurant industry is no easy feat. People who have never worked in the service industry or in a customer-facing position tend to think that anyone could be a server or bartender. But it takes a thick skin to deal with hungry people on a daily basis. Luckily, TikToker @whatsthatmeen aka Gina is doing God’s work by showing everyone the ins and outs of her job at a restaurant with TikTok videos.

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In some ways, her life seems great! It’s a fun time and she makes decent money. But the horror stories she tells about some customers cannot be ignored. On Oct. 24, 2023, she shared how a couple didn’t tip her because they didn’t want to pay for double pork chops. But what really happened is truly ridiculous.

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A couple refused to tip Gina at her restaurant because they got double pork chops.

Get yourself a waiter friend if you don’t already have one, because the chaos of stories like Gina’s is what keeps us going. She was taking care of an older couple at her restaurant, and they ordered pork chops, to which she asked if they wanted the double pork chops and they said yes.

While she doesn’t normally repeat orders, she remembers feeling like she’d need to repeat this one so she said back to them, “Just to check, we’ve got the double pork chops, baked potato with all the butter, green beans, and a plate to share,” and the man said, “Yes, thank you.”

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As Gina checked on the couple throughout the meal, they seemed happy. But when she brought the check, the man was disappointed. He said, “I asked for one chop,” and she said, “No, sir, remember you ordered the double pork chops.” Here’s where it gets crazy, though. He responds, “No, I asked for one chop. We can’t even eat all that.”

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But, of course, they did eat all that. Because when Gina looks down at their plates, they’re completely empty except for a sliver of potato skin. When she asks what she can do for him, he insists that he should only pay for one chop. Since Gina doesn’t have the authority to change the bill, she grabs her manager.

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The manager goes over to the table and the man insists that he and his lady friend couldn’t eat the double pork chops (even though they ate them). Luckily, Gina has the coolest manager, who responds, “Well you must have been really hungry because you ate all of it,” and when he denies it, she repeats herself.

The man then says to the manager, “The waitress didn’t adjust my check for me so I’m not tipping her.” Obviously, this isn’t fair, considering Gina did everything she could. Thankfully, her manager goes to bat for her. “Even if the waitress wanted to adjust your check, she can’t,” the manager said, “She doesn’t have the authority nor the power to do so.”

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We’ve heard some crazy reasons for not tipping a waitress, but claiming that the food you ate was too much after already eating it, and then not tipping because of something the waitress has no control over is pretty excessive. Some people in the comments suggest that the restaurant is Texas Roadhouse and that the couple would have found any reason not to tip.

But that’s a day in the life of a server! And while Gina didn’t get their $5 tip, she at least got a great story out of it.

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