"At Least We Have a Good Story" — Woman and Her Date Both Got Food Poisoning on Their First Date

A woman took to social media to tell us about how she and her date got food poisoning on their first date, which isn't ideal. Here's what happened.

Allison Hunt - Author

Oct. 30 2023, Published 11:11 p.m. ET

For many people, first dates can be pretty hard to get through. Sometimes the conversation is stifling and stilted. Sometimes there is no chemistry. To put it bluntly, sometimes first dates can be s---. For one woman, a first date literally was s---.

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Oh no, this doesn't mean the date necessarily went bad, just both parties ended up getting food poisoning. Can you imagine? Well, @modern.millennialmama on TikTok can because that's exactly what happened to her on a first date and she posted a video with the entire story.

We'll break down the disaster below.

A woman recounts how she got food poisoning on a first date and it may be love!

On TikTok, @modern.millennialmama, who we will be referring to as "Mama" for the sake of this article, posted a hilarious video about a first date gone wrong... and honestly maybe a little bit right?

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The video takes place in Mama's car as she's getting ready. As of the time of writing this article, the video has 88.7 thousand views, with 4,628 likes and 232 comments. It opens with Mama cracking up and saying, "Oh just another day in the life of first dates."

Mama then starts in on the story, saying, "I matched with this guy and he immediately asked me out and said he wanted to go take me to this Thai restaurant... I agreed to go."

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Mama says that they planned the date very quickly, and that the food was so good. She said, "We had a really good time. We had really good conversation. He's easy to talk to. It was a good time." Mama said that she would totally see him again.

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Mama tells us that they wanted to continue to hang out so they decided to go ax throwing, which was also really fun.

She got home from the date and went to bed but woke up in the middle of the night not feeling well and assumed she caught a bug. Mama told us she never threw up but she kept having to go to the rest room and was "mortified by the things coming out of me last night."

When Mama got up, she still didn't feel well and had a text from her date. She told him that she was sick and he asked her if she thinks it was what they ate. Mama didn't think so because she didn't think that food poisoning could kick in that soon.

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Well, a couple hours later, her date texts her saying that "we're never going to that Thai place again," because on his way to work, he had to pull over and throw up. He even admitted that, "he s--- his pants."

Mama is laughing about the whole thing and ends with, "at least we have a good story to tell if this were to go anywhere." Mama also joked in the caption writing, "First date woes. I can’t make this [poop emoji] up."

The people in the comments think it may be love at first sight, or rather, s---.

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One person wrote, "Yup. You guys are getting married. I mean, you guys just bypassed so much!" Mama responded, "So true! Nothing like a good [poop emoji] experience to light the fire."

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Another person commented, "Well. He said we are never going there again…. So he has future plans in mind." We immediately thought of this too when we heard the story. All good signs.

We truly love Mama's perspective on this first date food poisoning story. After all, you know what they say: if you don't laugh you'll cry. And Mama was definitely laughing the whole way through.

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