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You May Recognize Jenna Dewan's Boyfriend Steve Kazee From His Role on 'The Walking Dead'


In the upcoming season of The Walking Dead, the communities will face a dangerous enemy… the Whisperers. In Season 9, fans were introduced to Alpha (Samantha Morton) and her group of zombie-skin-wearing people. The Whisperers live among the dead, wearing homemade zombie masks made from the corpses of the undead. In a series of flashbacks, fans learned that Alpha was deranged even before the world fell apart.

At the start of the apocalypse, while hiding with a group of other survivors, Lydia (Cassady McClincy) watched as her dad was stabbed by her mom. Fans also learn that besides Alpha distributing sociopathic tendencies, she also physically abuses her daughter. Basically, she’s one twisted individual… or animal, as she likes to refer to herself.