There's a New Trend Online and It Involves Sticking Out Your Tongue for Pictures

The "sticking out your tongue for the picture" trend is going viral on TikTok. Some love it, but others have taken issue with the latest craze.

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Oct. 17 2023, Published 11:20 p.m. ET

The Gist:

  • There's a new trend on TikTok known as "sticking your tongue out for the picture."
  • There are two variations of the trend.
  • The trend has received mixed reviews.
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A new trend has emerged online, and it is just as weird as some of the others. If you have been using TikTok, then you are likely familiar with the effortless videos that accompany trending sounds on the social media app. From tiring dance moves to strange food combinations, some netizens are always down to join in on the latest social media crazes. Now, TikTokers are sticking out their tongues in videos and the clips are receiving mixed reviews.

There are different variations of the “stick out your tongue for the picture” trend and both seem to have the internet in a chokehold. One sees the person physically stick out their tongue in photos or videos. While the other shows a transformation, or glow-up, of some kind. The person will first appear frail and unkept before the clip switches to that same person in a less gruesome state.

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The videos are set to a song by SUICIDAL-IDOL called “Ecstasy.” There are two versions of the song available online, but the slowed down version is more popular with over 6 million views on YouTube. The song is now taking over TikTok thanks to a new trend that some are enjoying, but others seem annoyed by it.

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What is the “sticking out your tongue for the picture” trend on TikTok?

The sticking out your tongue trend is now one of many unexplainable TikTok trends. The videos consist of people gazing seductively into the camera without doing much else. But not everyone is amused by the new trend and some internet users are openly sharing their frustrations.

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In response to a video posted by @sadieemckennaa, one person suggested that she doesn't “even know what’s real” anymore. Sadie seems to have used a face filter in the first half of her video before transforming back to herself.

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However, there are others online who don't seem bothered by the effortless trend. Beca, who goes by @nottrebeca on TikTok, uploaded a video using the popular sound and received a ton of support. Beca’s video has received more than 4 million views as others are gushing over her beauty.

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Meanwhile, some people have taken more drastic measures in their quest to stop the "sticking out your tongue for the picture" trend. Social media star Giulia Amato tried to join in on the fun but her brother wasn't having it. In a video posted to TikTok, Guilia’s brother, Salvatore, catches her recording a video with the “Ecstasy” sound and doses her in water.

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Social media users had no problem with Salvatore playfully splashing his sister with water, as some even suggested that he was being a good brother. Guilia also appeared unbothered by her brother’s actions, captioning the video, “bro said no way.”

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Effortless trends are huge on TikTok.

Like the sticking out your tongue trend, TikTok’s “hey smile” challenge spread like wildfire in 2019. The trend sees users record two videos of themselves. In the first clip, the person is gazing blankly into the camera, before a voice says, “Hey smile.” The video then cuts to a photo of someone, or something, that makes the creator smile.

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