Super Eyepatch Wolf Is Vocal With Anime Reviews, but Tight-Lipped on His Marriage

Who is Super Eyepatch Wolf's wife? The anime video essayist on YouTube speaks at length about anime and video games, but not so much his personal life.

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Aug. 29 2023, Published 12:17 p.m. ET

When you're an online personality, it can be difficult to balance your professional life and your personal life. With so many influencers and internet celebrities willfully putting aspects of their life events and personal history on social media for everyone to see, the line between content creation and real life can quickly become blurred and lead to some serious drama. Because of that, some influencers prefer to keep their celebrity status separate from that of their personal lives.

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Super Eyepatch Wolf (real name: John Walsh) is one such celebrity who tries to maintain that healthy balance. This Ireland-based YouTuber is best known for his hilarious yet in-depth critiques of video games, anime, and several subgenres of pop culture.

Yet despite his status as an influencer, aspects of his personal life remain remarkably close to the chest. Do we know anything about his wife? Here's what we've been able to dig up.

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Is Super Eyepatch Wolf married? Here's what we know about his wife.

From sharing his favorite anime of every season to scathing reviews of Shenmue 3 and Final Fantasy XV to even a deep dive into how Garfield the Cat became an internet meme horror entity, John AKA Super Eyepatch Wolf has done it all. With more than one million subscribers on YouTube, thousands of people tune in to hear this clever and witty Irishman share his hot takes and recommendations for anime and video games. He's big on shows like Chainsaw Man and his favorite Jojo part is Stone Ocean.

But while we know plenty about his favorite things to watch in play, we've only gotten glimpses of his personal life. That includes his marriage, of which he's been particularly close-guarded. Of course, he's offered a few tasteful teases into his marital status.

On Feb. 25, 2023, John tweeted that he had gotten married. It was a sudden and subtle announcement that shocked practically his entire fanbase.

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He shared a couple of details about his relationship after the positive response to his marriage tweet. According to John, they've been together for 17 years and she's also "shy," which might explain her apparent lack of social media presence. However, he's expressed that their love remains strong.

"Still get excited when I hear her key in the door in the evenings," John tweeted. "She still makes me laugh every day. Still can't think straight when she wears a dress."

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Yet while we know how deeply in love John is with his wife, he seems to have respected her apparent shyness and hasn't posted too many pictures of her on any of his platforms. Even a wedding photo he posted on his official Instagram purposefully obscures her face.

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In a professional where people often get an uncomfortable glimpse into an online celeb's personal life, Super Eyepatch Wolf seems to have made a pointed effort not to entangle his online presence with his love life. But he still seems to be quite the romantic. Not only did he get married in 2023, but he previously collaborated with a fan to make a fake video review that was actually a proposal to the fan's girlfriend in one heartwarming prank. Oh, she totally said yes, by the way.

From what we can tell, Super Eyepatch Wolf prefers to keep his personal life private, but he's certainly allowed himself to gush about his wife in small doses from time to time.

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