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TikTok Sensation, Tabitha Brown, Is a Vegan Chef and Mother of Two



The wildly popular social media app, TikTok, has been a saving grace for many people following stay-at-home orders and trying to flatten the curve during the COVID-19 pandemic. From silly couple challenges to complex dances and memes, TikTok is a goldmine for mindless content, but there is also a foodie culture on TikTok where people share recipes and cooking hacks that go viral. 

While there are a lot of great chefs to follow on TikTok like Chef Shireen and Jenny Martinez, there are none as engaging as the vegan home cook and internet personality, Tabitha Brown. The L.A.-based vegan blogger shares easy plant-based recipes with a quirky vibe and a soft voice that has people loving her TikTok videos. While most of her videos feature the actress and internet personality making food, we do get a glimpse of her personal life, including her husband and kids.

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Tabitha Brown is a mother to two kids, Choyce and Queston.

Family is No. 1 for Tabitha, and she makes that clear in her Instagram bio as she describes herself as a “Believer▪Wife▪Mom.” Her children, Choyce and Queston, often appear in Tabitha’s weekly videos entitled, “Very Good Mondays,” where she unboxes packages the family is sent. 

The vegan cook is also married to Chance Brown, an entrepreneur who runs a basketball program for kids called Team Chance Basketball, where he helps children ages 5 to 12 build relationships through the fundamentals of basketball.

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According to Vice, Tabitha’s daughter, Choyce, was the one behind encouraging Tabitha to take her vegan recipes to TikTok. “Brown's 18-year-old daughter, Choyce, encouraged her mom to sign up for TikTok... in hopes of reaching a new audience. In that short time, the mouth-watering account has already amassed nearly 2 million followers, both vegans and non-vegans alike.”

Tabitha’s fame started with a sandwich review.

Before her TikTok stardom, Tabitha posted videos to Facebook, where she has more than 800K followers. She would share foods she enjoyed and post videos making her favorite dishes. Tabitha is also an actress, and even made an appearance on the final season of the Will & Grace revival as a police officer.

In 2017, Tabitha was working as an Uber driver and auditioning for acting gigs on the side. One day, Tabitha stopped for a break at Whole Foods and recorded a Facebook video, in which she eats and raves about a vegan sandwich. She raves, “What you’ve done in this sandwich....y’all gonna set souls on fire!” The video inspired a viral internet challenge, where other people recorded their own reactions to the sandwich. 

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Within a week, Whole Foods contacted Tabitha, and she became a brand ambassador for the grocery store chain. She began traveling the country for speaking engagements, where she talked about her choice to be a vegan. Tabitha told Buzzfeed, “I made more money in that year than I had made in 14 years of living in Los Angeles.”

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