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Source: YouTube

Tana Mongeau Has Some Pretty Shady Stuff to Say About Former BFF Maia


YouTuber Tana Mongeau revealed a lot in her latest Q&A video, including how she didn't want an open relationship with husband Jake Paul (but has one anyway) and she even spilled the beans on each of her best friends' worst flaws. One of the juiciest parts of her video, however, was when she spilled the tea on her relationship with her former best friend Maia Rita. When asked what happened between her and Maia, Tana went off on how she really feels about her. Let's just say it's not good.

What's the beef between Tana Mongeau and Maia? We've got the scoop on what Tana just said about Maia during her Q&A, and if Maia's ex is moving into Tana's house.