Logan Paul Is Formally Appealing His KSI Loss — but Why?

Shannon Raphael - Author

Feb. 10 2021, Updated 11:15 a.m. ET

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After months of press and media attention, Logan Paul and KSI finally had their fight rematch on Nov. 9. As bettors had guessed, KSI was victorious in this fight, which came a year after the two first sparred to the result of a tie. Shortly after the rematch, Logan Paul spoke to various press junkets about feeling victorious for putting up a good fight, and for holding his own against KSI.

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But, it looks like Logan has perhaps rethought his humble admission of defeat, as he's now appealing the result of the match. Why is Logan Paul appealing the KSI fight? He's arguing about the point deduction that he believes led him to lose.

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Why is Logan Paul appealing the KSI fight? 

Nobody is really surprised that Logan is still trying to get more attention from the fight in the weeks since it actually occurred. On Nov. 20, Logan filed a formal appeal to the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC). Logan's argument is that he wrongfully received a two point deduction in the fourth round of the fight for punching KSI in the head while he was already knocked down.

Logan claims that the deduction was the full reason why he ended up losing, and he wants officials to take another look at it. Though he originally expressed that he was fine with how the fight went down, Logan told TMZ Sports that he genuinely doesn't feel like he lost the fight.

"My team and I have decided to file an official appeal for the fight because we just don't believe that the outcome was right," Logan said. 

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Logan claimed that, after watching the fight again with fresh eyes, he believed that the deduction wasn't fair. He went on to note that he will be more satisfied with the outcome (if it stands) once the CSAC takes another look at it. 

"By no means am I afraid of losing, but I truthfully 100% believe I did not lose this fight," Logan continued. 

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A representative for CSAC told TMZ Sports that Logan's appeal is being taken very seriously. 

"The executive director Andy Foster is evaluating," the rep said. "If there’s sufficient grounds, it’ll go to a hearing at a commission meeting."

There has yet to be an update about where Logan's appeal stands, and KSI has not commented on the appeal news. 

The referee who made the deduction call stands by his decision.

Though Logan and his diehard fans are claiming that the point deduction wasn't fair, the fight's referee is standing by his call. Jack Reiss served as the ref for the fight, and he spoke to BoxingScene.com about how Logan violated boxing rules when he hit KSI while he was already down.

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"Logan hit him with a really good shot, an uppercut, and then Logan grabbed KSI behind the head and hit him with a second shot while he was holding him," Jack said. "But KSI was already stumbling from that first one and going down and then when he was on the ground Logan hit him with a straight punch. There’s no such punch in boxing from 12 to 6 and Logan hit him, it’s a felony."

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Jack went on to say that he had to make the match even again after Logan had illegally knocked KSI out. That's when he told the judges to deduct two points from Logan's scores.

"So originally I said, 'no, no, no, stop, time' and I was going to do something," Jack explained. "I gave [KSI] as much time as he needed to get back to his full strength and recover to level the playing field and then I told [the ringside judges] to score the knockdown and then take away two points for the illegal blow and the playing field was then leveled."

Jack went on to refer to the fight after the deduction as "a mess." Based on Logan's appeal, it's still a mess.

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