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Source: Instagram

YouTuber Deji Says His Dog Is Being "Destroyed" After Biting an Elderly Woman


While KSI may have won the fight against Logan Paul, his brother, Deji, didn't get as lucky in a fight of his own. Deji, whose real name is Oladeji Olatunji, revealed in a new YouTube video, that his dog, Tank, was being "destroyed" after an ongoing legal battle he'd been facing.

Deji has almost 10 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, only half of what his brother has on the platform. His newest video, titled "its over...[sic]" Deji revealed the sad news.

KSI's brother's dog, Tank, bit an elderly woman.

Tank, Deji's German Shepherd, bit an elderly woman one day, leaving some intense bite marks and bruising. The incident happened on July 28, 2018, when Deji's mother, Olayinka, was supposed to be watching Tank. She let the dog out when he then attacked a woman who was visiting Deji's neighbors, biting her twice on the upper thigh and buttocks.