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Source: Instagram

Briana DeJesus' Daughter Stella Is a Fighter — How She's Doing Post-Surgery


Briana DeJesus and her daughter Stella have definitely spent way more time in the hospital than any mom and baby should or would like to. Last August, the 24-year-old mom of two had to take her youngest in to treat a serious bacterial infection in her arm. 

The illness and aftermath are playing out now on Teen Mom 2, leaving many viewers wondering how Stellita is doing these days.

Why did Briana's daughter Stella need surgery?

According to Bri and her mom, Roxanne, Stella's infection developed into a condition called septic arthritis. The infection is most commonly caused by staph entering the joint fluid, via the bloodstream. In addition to a course of antibiotics, treatment required draining the infected fluid from the joint, either with a needle or with surgery for some cases.