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Is the 'Teenage Bounty Hunters's Mother Actually on the Lam? (SPOILERS)



Spoiler alert: This story contains massive spoilers for Season 1 of Teenage Bounty Hunters. Read at your own risk!

Catching feelings and catching criminals? That's the premise of Netflix's new teen series Teenage Bounty Hunters starring Maddie Phillips and Anjelica Bette Fellini as twins Sterling and Blair Wesley.

While the series's 10 parts mainly revolve around plot points that are resolved over the course of the hour-long episodes, there is an overarching story arc that revolves around the twins' mother, Mrs. Wesley (Virginia Williams). So, what did Debbie do? Keep reading to understand the end of Teenage Bounty Hunters.

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'Teenage Bounty Hunters' ending, explained.

Throughout the season, we learn that Sterling (Maddie) and Blair (Anjelica) aren't that close to their mom or her side of the family. While Debbie keeps trying to tell the girls that she's not trying to hide their past from them, the twins have a feeling something is amiss.

Slowly, the truth of Debbie's upbringing comes out — but not without its fair share of complications, twists, and turns. See, Debbie tries to convince her daughters that she was brought up in Savannah, Ga., showing them a picture of herself standing outside a restaurant. But Blair, who already has her doubts, tracks down the restaurant and learns that it's not in Savannah, but in a little town called Nandina.

When Sterling and Blair set out to visit the town, they learn that their mom has been hiding even more about her childhood. It turns out that she wasn't brought up extremely wealthy as she had let them believe, but rather, grew up in a poor and isolated community as a member of the "Tabernacle Church of Christ the Redeemer, the Living God, and His Army" sect.

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The girls try to go deeper into their mom's past and learn that she's wanted for burning down an abortion clinic and is still on the lam.

When the twins finally confront their mom back home, she admits that she burned down a clinic when she was a Christian extremist and member of the snake-handling sect but tried to make a new identity and life for herself when she left the small town.

The twins seem relatively satisfied with this explanation and go about their adolescent crush pursuits until Debbie pulls up to pick Sterling up from school one day. Sterling quickly realizes something's off about Debbie.

Viewers learn that the woman with Sterling isn't actually the real Debbie, but rather Debbie's identical twin. It takes her daughter being kidnapped for the truth to come out that Debbie isn't the one who's wanted for burning down the abortion clinic.

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No, the arsonist actually on the lam is Debbie's twin, Dana (Virginia), who's been trying to get money from the Wesleys for years. Now, Dana wants ransom in exchange for Sterling, who she's holding hostage with her criminal boyfriend, Levi (James McMenamin). 

But the adults don't realize that they've been messing with professional bounty hunters, and Sterling does an exemplary job of leaving breadcrumbs that make it easier for her twin to track her down. The plan works out in the final moments of the season, but as the police are pulling up to take Dana and her boyfriend away, we learn that Dana is actually Sterling's mom and that the twins aren't twins, but cousins.

Will there be a Season 2 of 'Teenage Bounty Hunters'?

Considering the fact that Teenage Bounty Hunters just dropped on Netflix, we expect it's going to take a little while until we learn whether the series was renewed. If it is, we certainly do hope to learn more about Debbie and Dana's family secrets, including why they fell out, why Debbie is covering for her sister, and why she adopted her sister's daughter as her own.

Season 1 of Teenage Bounty Hunters is now streaming on Netflix.

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