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Meet Turbo, the Hottest (and Toughest) Competitor on MTV's 'The Challenge'



MTV's The Challenge, previously known as Road Rules: All Stars, and later, as Real World/Road Rules Challenge, is back for its 33rd season. This time, the competition is called War of the Worlds, and the series mainstays (think Bananas, Cara Maria Sorbello, and CT Tamburello) are joined by contestants from around the globe.

Challenge veterans team up with 18 rookies from reality shows around the globe to compete for $1 million in what MTV describes as "the most grueling, physical and mental challenges ever devised." But the competitors in Namibia already have their eyes set on the most threatening contender of them all. 

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So, ahead of tonight's episode, we're giving viewers all the info they need to know about Turabi Camkiran, AKA Turbo, AKA the toughest competition of the lot. 

Meet Turbo, the two-time Survivor champion.

Like the other War of the Worlds rookies, Turbo is no stranger to TV. The Turkish quadruple threat, who regularly trains in MMA fighting, Muay Thai, Taekwondo and Brazilian jiu jitsu, is also not terribly hard on the eyes. 

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Back in 2014, Turbo was the champion of his season of Survivor Turkey. The following year, he reclaimed the title by once again becoming champion of Survivor All Stars Turkey. "In 2018, I took part in Survivor again," he said in an interview with People, "but towards the season finale, I had an unfortunate injury near my tailbone and after several medical examinations, my boss Acun and the doctors told me that I couldn't continue competing."

It's lucky that he dropped out of the competition, because "the physical stress on my injury could [have] result[ed] in me becoming paralyzed," Turbo explained. However, it's not just survival shows this Turkish force excels at. "I also competed in Turkey's Got Talent years ago and performed a show of aerial silk acrobatics," he told the outlet.

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Is Turbo single or taken? Follow him on Instagram.

If you're wondering whether Turbo is spoken for, you're definitely not alone. "Turbo is like worshipped, adored, and really loved back in Turkey," tweeted one devoted fan. "He brings on views that's for sure!!!" 

Last week, we watched as Turbo partnered up with Nany — but that duo probably won't evolve into anything romantic. And from the looks of his Instagram page, it appears the ripped Turkish star is as single as they come.

But that's not to say he doesn't have plenty to offer the right girl. "I also have an artistic and creative side," he revealed. "I enjoy doing origami and craftsmanship, and I built an impressive boat myself from stray wood and tree leaves whilst living on the island during Survivor and actually sailed that boat from one island to another." 

So if you ever fear being stuck on a deserted island, Turbo's the guy you'll definitely want by your side.

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War of the Worlds spoilers: Does Turbo win the season?

According to the sleuths on reddit, Turbo makes it to the Final 8 in first place. Whether this means he managed to secure the $1 million prize is anyone's guess for now, but we'll have to wait until the season wraps to see who came out as the winner of this harrowing MTV competition show.

Until then, don't miss The Challenge: War of the Worlds when it airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on MTV.

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