The Winner of 'Titan Games' Gets Way More Than Just Bragging Rights

Gabrielle Bernardini - Author

Apr. 24 2020, Updated 11:23 a.m. ET

what does titan games winner get
Source: NBC

Bulging muscles and huge biceps galore! Dwayne "The Rock” Johnson continues to build a successful empire, as he has now advanced his title from professional wrestler-turned-movie-star, and has added reality television creator/host to that list.

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The actor, who is known for his intense action flicks (The Fast & Furious, Jumanji), flipped the script and created a new show called Titan Games

The show features both men and women battling it out in extremely physical challenges until one person from each group is left standing and therefore dubbed the victor, or “Titan.”

So, after back-breaking stunts, what does the winner of Titan Games get?

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titan games prize
Source: NBC

Fierce competition, equals a grand prize — here’s what you win: 

At the beginning of the show, there are 64 contestants, but only one man and one woman will walk away with the title of “Titan.” Though the satisfaction of beating out strong competitors is definitely satisfying, there is also some monetary compensation to winning this game.

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If you beat out your opponents in a set of trials and exercises that test your physical state to its limits, you will win a whopping $100,000. Now, you can build the gym, or the protein shake empire of your dreams! 

But, don’t be fooled, these trials are not for the weak. These professional gym dwellers have to be able to knock over 1000-pound walls, move 600-pound torches, and more. Plus, this needs to happen before your counterpart competitor does so first. 

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Why did The Rock develop a reality show?

We are all probably thinking the same thing: Why did a highly successful A-list actor decide to venture into reality television as a host? We typically see this right reserved for D-list stars looking to revamp their career.

In an interview with USA Today, The Rock was inspired and influenced by his own workouts … and alcohol. Yes, the best ideas are usually developed with a little drink (or two) in hand!

"I was probably on my third tequila and looking outside and seeing the moon and thought, 'What if there was something like this?'” he told the outlet. 

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the rock titan games
Source: Instagram

The new 10-episode series will feature four female and four male athletes per episode, who will face-off in a battle of brute strength. 

However, these contestants are just impressively physically strong, they’re also mentally tough as well. In true Dwayne fashion, there is a bit of a heartfelt twist to this show. All of the contestants, which have been hand-picked by the actor himself, have had to overcome some sort of hardship in his/her life. 

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For example, one woman had to handle a heart condition and homelessness, while a man hid his arm for 17 years, which was affected by a birth defect.

Other than the popular Japanese obstacle-course game show, Ninja Warrior, there has not been a reality TV show that has pushed ordinary individuals to their limits. The mental and physical challenges that these people will have to overcome makes this new show very intriguing. 

Plus, who doesn’t love The Rock? You can catch Titan Games on Thursdays at 8 p.m. EST on NBC. 

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