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Source: ABC

Is 'The Fix' Based on a True Story? Depends Who You Ask


ABC’s new Monday night show, The Fix, isn’t like other legal dramas. The hour-long series was co-created by none other than Marcia Clark, who served as lead prosecutor on O.J. Simpson’s 1995 murder case.

Following the pilot’s premiere on March 18, viewers couldn’t help but wonder if The Fix is inspired by a true story — perhaps one from Marcia’s time as an attorney (wink, wink). Here’s what we know about the buzzy new series.

Is The Fix based on a true story?

The parallels between the show’s main character and Marcia are quite clear in the first episode. The Fix follows Maya Travis (Robin Tunney), an L.A. prosecutor who loses a high-profile murder case involving a black movie star and a double homicide. Hmm… sounds awfully familiar.