'The Great British Bake Off' Is Even More Delightful With This Drinking Game

Abi Travis - Author

Oct. 21 2020, Updated 1:46 p.m. ET

the great british bake off drinking game
Source: Netflix

It is truly one of life’s greatest tortures that you can’t taste the dishes baked on The Great British Bake Off (not unless you want to spend a few hours baking them yourself, anyway). Luckily, there is one pretty good consolation: alcohol! Assuming you’re of legal age (obviously), you can imbibe in a tasty drink or two while watching the show and try to diminish the pain of not being in the tent with everyone’s BFF Lottie.

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Of course, if you want to take things up a notch and get into the competitive spirit, you can do so following our handy dandy GBBO Drinking Game! We think these rules would even make Mary Berry herself interested in playing a round (perhaps she can now that she’s been replaced on the show)! 

the great british bake off drinking game paul hollywood
Source: Netflix
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‘The Great British Bake Off’ Drinking Game — Drink once if:

  • Noel Fielding is wearing a shirt featuring at least five different colors.
  • Matt Lucas pronounces something incorrectly (as a joke).
  • If Noel and Matt’s intro to the show is based on a movie.
  • A contestant points out how limited the Technical Challenge directions are (e.g., “It just says ‘bake.’ Doesn’t say for how long!”).
  • You see someone wearing a bright blue bandage on their finger.
  • A contestant says they’re just going to “whack it up” when referring to the temperature of their oven.
  • You have both heard of and tasted the dish the contestants have to make in the Signature Bake or Technical Challenge rounds. 
  • A dish is either burnt or “completely raw.”
  • A contestant cries.
  • Paul says “over-proofed” or “under-proofed.”
  • Paul viciously cuts into a baked good as though it has personally offended him.
  • The camera cuts to either a lamb or a duck living its best life in the idyllic landscape surrounding the tent.
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  • A contestant does the Windowpane Test with their dough.
  • Prue says something truly biting but in a way that sounds nice.
  • Someone talks about Paul having blue eyes.
  • Someone fans their bake with a cookie sheet to cool it down.
the great british bake off drinking game prue leith
Source: Netflix
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Drink twice if:

  • You’ve never heard of the dish the contestants have to make for either the Signature Bake or Technical Challenge rounds.
  • A dish has a soggy bottom.
  • A contestant decides to throw away their dish and start over.
  • Prue’s necklace matches her glasses.
  • Paul looks particularly smug during Bread Week (use your best judgment on this one).
  • Paul points out the “structure” of the bubbles in a loaf of bread.
  • All the fruit sinks to the bottom in someone’s baked good.
  • Someone says, “It’s in the lap of the gods now.”
  • Prue makes a joke about alcohol (or Mary Berry does, if you’re watching an older season).
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the great british baking show drinking game
Source: Netflix

Finish your drink if:

  • You’ve ever personally made the dish from the Signature Bake or Technical Challenge rounds.
  • Someone gets a world-famous Paul Hollywood Handshake (TM).
  • Someone drops their bake on the ground.
  • You cry (either from sadness or happiness).
  • You correctly guess who wins Star Baker and who is being sent home.

As always, please drink responsibly (and maybe switch to water or another beverage if things start to get too wild)! Now, grab your drink, cue up the latest episode of GBBO, and settle in for a delightful watch!

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